10 Natural Diuretics, Which Successfully Reduce Oedema

Have you listened about oedema? Do you know that it is a diseased condition? Yes, oedema is a diseased condition, in which excess water retention occurs inside body; which cross healthy water retention level and reach to, unhealthy water retention level.

But question is, can we solve this problem, with natural resources? Yes you can, solve this diseased condition with natural diuretics, available in natural food stuffs. But which food stuffs, contain these natural diuretics in them, is the main question? Well, answer to this is, food list given below; which enlist all those food stuffs, which contain these natural diuretics-                                        

1) Tomato soup-

Tomato soup along with being natural detoxifier, is also a great diuretic too. It not only, removes lethal free radicals out of body; but restores, electrolyte and fluid balance to normal; due to which, only required amount of fluid

remains inside body and excess water retention, which is causing oedema is flushed out, through natural channels of body.

2) Watermelon juice-

Watermelon juice also, like tomato soup is natural diuretic, which you can consume; to cure your oedema problem. It not only reduces oedema, but also is natural coolant in summers.

3) Saunf extract-

Saunf extract is, also natural oedema reducer, you can consume in your tea or coffee; by boiling it in water or milk, which you are going to use, to make your tea or coffee.

4) Exercise-

Exercise is such a natural detoxifier and diuretic, which not only removes toxins, out of your body; but also reduces oedema, by flushing it out in perspiration, during exercise.

5) Tea-

If you did not remember above oedema reduction tips; but love to sip 1 cup of tea each day; then you can sip, your tea because it is going to reduce, your oedema disease condition.

6) Coffee-

Yes, just like 1 sipping cup of tea every day, is beneficial in reducing oedema; similarly is 1 cup of coffee too.

7) Sunlight exposure-

Yes sunlight exposure, of 15 minutes a day; also reduces oedema to great extent.

8) Sports activity-

If you are sport person or actively engage yourself in sport activity, by playing exertion full

perspiring sports; in whom lot of perspiration occurs during playing; then do not worry, you are safeguarding yourself against disease condition “oedema” natural way.

9) Avoiding processed food-

Processed food contains, lot of oedema causing excess of sugar and salt; which cause excess water retention, inside body by distorting natural fluid balance system, inside body and hence there results oedema, where this excess water retention gets collects, at some local place of body; then it is called local oedema; but if get disturbed in whole body, then it is called general oedema.

10) Eating homemade balanced diet-

Yes, eating homemade balanced diet, which contains right amount of salt, right amount of sugar and right amount of water and which is consumed with in normal limit; then it will not cause oedema. But, if you consume any of them in excess; then results oedema. So, consume them with in normal range.

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