10 Risk Factors That Increases Your Chances Of Suffering From High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, which is predisposing factor of diabetes, is also known with medical name of “Hypertension" in medical terminology. Like, the person suffering from diabetes, has to be on allopathic medication for whole life; similarly person suffering from high blood pressure, also has to be on allopathic medication for life. But, if you put some effort on your behalf to avoid risk factors predisposing you to high blood pressure; you can decrease your chances of suffering from hypertension.
10 Risk Factors that Increases your chances of suffering from High blood Pressure
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But, question is, what are those risk factors?

Well, those risk factors, which predispose you to hypertension that is, high blood pressure are-

1) Age and family history-

Age is very important risk factor that predispose you to high blood pressure because, if your age is of a particular age group, which is hypertension prone and plus, you have family history of hypertension; then your chances of suffering from hypertension are double.

  • But, question is, which age group is hypertension prone? Well, the answer to your this question is that old age group is more prone; the reason behind is hardening of arteries in
    this age, which is responsible for increase in blood pressure. Whereas, earlier in young age, elasticity of arteries in young age; do the function of adjusting high blood pressure, to normal range.

2) Obesity, wrong diet and psychological taste factor-

Yes, obesity caused from wrong diet, which is high fatty diet; not only make you suffer from weight increase, but, also is a risk factor responsible for increasing blood pressure. Along with highly fatty diet, excess use of salt on dinner table; is also risk factor of hypertension.

  • What does mean by excess use of salt on dinner table? That means, some people have habit of putting more salt in their food, on dinner table; when the dishes served on dinner table, already contain right amount of salt, to make food tasty.
  • But, if the food contain right amount of salt; then why do these people add more salt to their food? They put because they like more salty food than other people; their desire for salt is increased more than other and when excess salt is added to their food on dinner table; only then their taste buds of tongue get satisfied psychologically in mind. So, you can say psychological taste factor is one of the reason behind; consumption of excess salt, which in end become a hypertension risk factor, that is, increase your blood

3) Person on medication, which increase blood pressure-

Yes, there are certain allopathic medications, which increase blood pressure and if person is taking them for a disease condition, for which these medications are prescribed to treat that disease; then person no doubt get recovered from that disease; but as side effect he or she will get hypertension in end result.

4) Sitting and stressful lifestyle and hormonal fluctuations-

Always sitting in front of hi-tech entertainment gadgets doing no physical exertion, raise blood cholesterol levels; which narrow spaces for blood to pass in blood vessels and end result is increase in blood pressure.

  • How stress increase your blood pressure? Well, it increase your blood pressure by causing hormonal fluctuations, in living human body; responsible for increasing blood pressure.

5) Kidney disease, diabetes and occupational hazards-

Both are risk factors that increase your blood pressure. But, how does occupation increase, blood pressure? Well, it does, if person's occupation involves work that includes more of sitting work and less of physical exertion work.

6) Chronic smoker, chronic alcoholic-

If you are any of them, then you have given birth to these two risk factors, in your blood vessels because of these two factors damage structure of your blood vessels; to extent which is not able to control your high blood pressure.

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