4 Types Of Paralysis That You Must Be Aware Of

Paralysis word is such a medical word, which you must have listened because this disease's occurrence is becoming common, these days; due to changing lifestyle of humans.
4 Types of Paralysis that you must be Aware of
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Yes, changing lifestyle of humans, is responsible to very great extent; for development of this disease because it surrounds humans, with causes responsible for development of this disease; inside living human body. In paralysis, you must have seen that its victim's one side of body is dysfucntioned, does not work. But, that is not the only type, which parlysis has. It has more than that. It has total 4 types, each one of which, I am going to tell you, below-

So, first type is- Monoplegia-

What happens in it?

As the part "Mono" of word "Monoplegia" means "single or one", so just the same type of paralysis it is. Same type means what? It means in this type of paralysis, only one limb of living human body is affected, not all.

Second type is- Hemiplegia-

What kind of paralysis this hemiplegia is? Well, as the part "hemi" of word "hemiplegia" suggests, means "half" so that kind of paralysis disturbution it has. What does that mean? That means in it one side or half side of body, is affected that means one arm and one leg of, only one side of living human body.

Third type is- Paraplegia-

What happens in this one? In it neither the one part of body is affected nor the one side of body. If all that does not happen; then what happens in it? In it, the way paralysis occurs is totally different; from other types because in it, the lower

side of body is affected that is, lower extremities of living human body.

Fourth type is last type and that is- Quadraplegia-

What happens in it? In it neither the one side of body, nor the one kind of extremeites are affected. Neither the one part is affected nor the both parts are affected. Then, what is affected in it? In this kind of paralysis, all four types of extremities of living human body is affected. As it affects four types of limbds because of that it is also given name of "tetra" means "four".

So that was about types, what are its causes that means cause of paralysis. Well, it neither has one cause; it has more than one. It can be caused by vascular causes; but it can also be caused by damage to a part of brain's neurons collection. Sometimes, the causes of parlysis is some kind of infection and sometimes, some kind of head injury or some kind of brain tumor.

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