Everything About Types, Causes And Treatment Of Asthma In Children

Parents are very worried, when they are told that their child is, suffering from asthma and they see, the possibility of-

this lasting throughout, his life. In actually, infact; this very rarely happens. Asthma in children, generally disapperas; between the age of seven and fourteen years.

  • If parents are worried, they must above all; not convey their worry, to the child.
  • If it is quite possible that some children will have, only one or two violent attacks of asthma; in their whole life. The form these attacks takes is well
    known; but how they begin is another matter.
  • In spite of progress making in recognizing allergies, asthma remains an illness, which is puzzling. Generally, first attack apperas, about the age of three.

Two main types, of asthma in children-

1) Asthmatic dyspnoea- 

Dysponea signifies, difficult breathing. An attack of asthmatic dysponea is, often heraled; by digestive or nervous troubles. The breathing becomes nosiy. 

  • During the attack, breathing is rapid and difficult. The child is very distressed. He has a dry cough and his breathing becomes more and more noisy.
  • These attacks, which often occur at night; tend to diminsh, when the morning comes.

2) Asthmatic bronchitis- 

Asthmatic bronchitis is less violent. The attacks begins, slowly with; nasal blockages, sneezing and fever. There is difficulty in breathing and a fitful cough.

  • This condition last between, five days and a fortnight, convalescence is slow.
  • The child finds it difficult to overcome his tiredness.

Some very main causes of asthma-

  • Allergy is one very likely cause, a close medical examination often enables the cause to be found.
  • Unsettled atmospheric conditions, fog, tempertaure variation, etc., may also lead to asthma
    in children.
  • There are also cases, in which the cause is found; to be excessive maternal protection, certain emotions, temper, inner conflicts, etc.

Right way of treating asthma-

Cases of asthma must of course, be treated by a doctor. There are many forms of treatment-

  1. A healthy life is essential, for an asthmatic child.
  2. Above all, he must not be kept indoors; to keep him away, from influneces; which are thought to, be harmful. This would have the inevitable result of, lessening the child's ability to adapt; to social life and may upset the development of his personality.

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