Atypical Pneumonia

Atypical pneumonia affects people below sixty years of age. In atypical pneumonia there is paroxysmal cough but without expectoration. Chest examination shows very few signs or symptoms of atypical pneumonia and there is no history of any underlying morbid disease. Atypical pneumonia is one of the types of pneumonia which is caused by three types of different micro-organisms-

i) Legionella pneumophila.

ii) Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

iii) Chlamydia pneumoniae.


Atypical pneumonia is of three types depending upon the infecting organism-

i) Legionella pneumonia.

ii) Mycoplasma pneumonia.

iii) Chlamydia pneumonia.


i) Legionella pneumonia- is caused by micro-organism named Legionella pneumophila. Legionella pneumonia is

transmitted through the water droplets of infected humidifier cooling system and from stagnant water in showerheads. There is fever with chills, cough but with scanty mucoid sputum. Nausea, acute abdominal pain, and diarrhea, is also there.

ii) Mycoplasma pneumonia- is caused by micro-organism named mycoplasma pneumoniae. Mycoplasma pneumonia has insidious onset. Dry paroxysmal cough with headache, cough is

worse at night. Sore throat is also there with generalized muscular pain. Urticaria, vesicular eruptions, erythema nodosum also comes under the symptomtolgy of mycoplasma pneumonia. Neurologic symptoms and hemolytic anemia is also there.

iii) Chlamydia pneumonia- is caused by micro-organism named Chlamydia pneumoniae. It spreads through contact with respiratory secretions of infected persons. It affects patients of older age group more. Its symptoms are sore throat; headache, fever and most importantly cough for months.

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Reference- Book- Social and Preventive Medicine by Balraj Jana.

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