Balanced Diet, Which Pregnant Women, Must Consume

In previous article, I discussed what is balanced diet for sports persons. Today I will tell you, "What is balanced diet for pregnant women?" Yes it is, one of the article of series, "Balanced diet". Yes like, balanced diet of sports person is customized according to needs, of or kind, of sports they play; similarly pregnant women's balanced diet, is customized according to their pregnancy stage and also, to fulfill specific nourishment needs, roused out of their pregnancy.
Balanced Diet, which Pregnant Women, must Consume
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What a pregnant women should eat in their food, to make it balanced food? In fact, details regarding this, most of time, pregnant women get from their gynecologist or dietician; in form of diet chart. But, if you somehow, lost that diet chart or do not remember, those balanced diet tips; told by them because they were, difficult to remember. So this article, gives you here easy solution for this problem, in form of diet instructions; which will assist, in upgrading your diet to pregnancy balanced diet-

Pregnancy balanced diet, instruction number 1- three meals per day and 2 snack times,
in between meals-

So first diet instruction, which pregnant women should follow, is consumption of 3 meals per day; but these meals, should not be consumed nonstop.

  • Between 2 meals, there should always be a snack time; in which pregnant women can snack on, healthy snacks or fruit salad.
  • What, these 3 meals should contain that I will tell you, in rest of diet instructions; numbering 2 to 6.

Pregnancy balanced diet, instruction number 2- increase proteins in diet-

Being a pregnant women, not only nourishing your body, through your 3 meals is crucial; but also nourishing your baby, you have inside you is too. Therefore, your 2 meals, one of them is breakfast, should contain bowel of curd and second is, lunch which should contain 1 bowel of cooked pulses or lentils; to fulfill increased protein need, during pregnancy .

  • But, why this protein nourishment, is increased during pregnancy? It is increased because for healthy formation of new cells, which are forming in your body and in baby inside you is essential.

Pregnancy balanced diet, instruction number 3- one piece of moderately fatty, sweet dish once a day-

Just like, protein needs are increased for healthy formation of new cells; of your body, as well of baby inside your body; similarly increased fatty demand, also arises out of pregnancy. Increased fat amount is required, for smooth relaxation of muscles and for building, cell membranes. They are made of, phospholipids. And lipids, only fat can supply.

  • But, how much increased fat demand is there? How much fat amount, pregnant women need to consume, during pregnancy; to support, healthy formation of cell membranes, of newly formed cells?
  • Well, pregnant women can eat 1 piece of moderately fatty sweet dish once a day to make their diet, balanced diet. This will credit, increased fat demand of pregnancy; but would not raise, your cholesterol level; only then, when you eat just 1 piece. But, if you eat more than 1 piece; then it can raise, your blood cholesterol level.

    So, consume only 1 piece.

Pregnancy balanced diet, instruction number 4- yellow fruits and green vegetables ingestion in food-

Yes fruit salad, which I told you above in 1st pregnancy balanced diet instruction; preferably should contain, yellow fruits for healthy development of brain, of baby inside you. Yellow fruits supply, ample vitamin B of every type, to brain of baby inside you.

  • Green vegetables should better be incorporated, either in morning breakfast or in dinner meal. But, why they should be? Well, they should be, since they are store house of all essential, as well as non-essential nutritive elements.
  • So, if you miss to include, food stuffs containing various essential nutritive elements or non-essential nutritive elements, in rest of your pregnancy meals; then eating cooked green vegetables, will supply, all of them to you.

Pregnancy balanced diet, instruction number 5- Drink one glass of milk daily-

But, if you do not like, to consume 1 bowel of curd every day; to supplement your pregnancy protein need; then you can make a routine of alternate days.

  • On first set, of alternate days; you can consume 1 bowel of curd and on other set of days, you can consume 1 glass of milk; to supplement your pregnancy protein needs and milk will supply you proteins, along with free supply of calcium and phosphorus minerals.

Pregnancy balanced diet, instruction number 6- Increase carbohydrate amount in daily diet, to make it balanced-

Increased carbohydrate amount in pregnancy diet is needed, to make your pregnancy diet, balanced. Increased carbohydrates are recommended because increased energy is required, to do even small daily chores, during pregnancy than you need in non-pregnancy days.

  • Vegetables, whole grain flour and brown rice, contain carbohydrates in good amount and you can make meal of, any of them in breakfast.
  • But, if you want to make meal, out of combination of them; then you can consume, you carbohydrates nourishment that way too.

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