What To Do, When Your Child Suffers From, Bed-wetting Problem?

Enuresis is bed wetting, in children and even adolescents, may suffer from this trouble. They can be perfectly normal children in other respects, but this difficulty may still have considerable repercussions; especially, if the parents show a lack of understanding and slap, scold and threaten the child. One again we are faced with something abnormal and we must find the cause.

The first thing to do is to consult a doctor who will look for the physical cause. If nothing is found, see a psychiatrist. It often happens that bed wetting is, due to emotional disturbances in the child. The psychaitrist

will be able to, look for inner conflicts. The child who suffers from bed-wetting, always feels insecure. Physical and mental causes, may also often be linked.

Enuresis in itself is not a serious trouble; but if it is prolonged, we must prevent the child; from

going into phase of, developing feelings of inferiority; especially if he is misunderstood, by his parents. It is best to make the child get up, after he has slept; for a few hours, to allow him to urinate.

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