Benefits Of Aloe Vera

The health benefits of the aloe vera both external as well as internal are many. Aloe vera gel is an excellent moisturizer. After washing your face with soap and water or a face wash or a cleanser, splash plenty of ice water. Do not completely dry the skin. Leave it half moist and apply aloe vera gel all over the face and neck till it is completely absorbed by the skin.

If your skin is allergic and you are the type to break into rashes and itches, immediately wash the part with cold water and smear aloe vera gel. You will

find immediate relief. If you have hurt yourself with minor cuts, bruises and wounds, then the application of the aloe vera gel, a few times in the day shows remarkable results. It has antifungal, antibacterial and analgesic properties. Its regular application reduces ungainly scars that often remain after the wounds are healed.

If you are suffering from dry skin due to lack of internal or external moisture, then avoid the soap and water

treatment. On a clean face apply baby or olive oil and massage well into the skin. Wipe out with the napkin wrung out in hot water, several times. After you get the porcelain like feel, immediately apply the aloe vera gel.

Little babies suffering from nappy rashes respond very well to the soothing effect of aloe vera gel. Suffering from persistent acne, mix aloe vera with neem juice and honey and apply it like a face pack. It is good for sunburns, fragile skin and for removal or repair of dead skin and cells. It can be liberally applied on psoriasis and eczema patches. People suffering from digestive disorders respond well to the intake of aloe vera juice. It improves digestive functions.

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