Benefits Of Watermelon


Watermelon is round to oval shaped fruit green from outside and red to pink colored from inside. It is juicy from inside and hard from outside. Watermelon contains good amount of vitamin C which is very good for skin. Vitamin C also helps in preventing scurvy. It is also very beneficial as it also helps in increasing our body immunity.

The major part of watermelon is water and fiber. As it contains good amount

of water therefore helps a lot in replenishing the water requirement of the body. Being containing water in good amount, watermelon is good fruit option to prevent heat stroke which usually occurs in summer due to excess water loss due to dehydration.

Watermelon also contains good amount of potassium, which is very good for maintaining normal blood pressure. It also helps in bringing high blood pressure back to normal level. Potassium also helps in healthy functioning of central nervous system. Watermelon

also helps in maintaining water balance of body in case of dehydration.

Watermelon also contains good amount of fiber therefore very good in preventing constipation. Watermelon also contains good amount of beta carotene which is very good for eyes. It also contains good amount of antioxidants which is very good immune system of body.

Watermelon also helps in weight loss. It is a very healthy fruit option for people suffering from diabetes as it contains potassium which helps a lot in right and healthy functioning of insulin and bringing down high blood glucose level back to normal.

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