Best Moisturizers For Dry Skin


When it comes to skin care of dry skin mositurization is very important. There are so many moisturizers available in the market, but the best one of them are as follows-

1. Himalaya intensive moisturizing lotion for dry and extra dry skin- Himalaya intensive moisturizing lotion is very good in terms of providing good mositurization to skin. It contains cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, olive oil. These ingredients are very good for skin. Containing herbal extracts is the plus point for this lotion. Its smell is somewhat medicinal kind

but in terms of mositurization it is very good. So I would give it nine out of ten marks, minus one for its smell and nine in terms of mositurization.

2. Parachute advanced body lotion- parachute advanced body lotion is

very good in terms of mositurization. After applying it you will get super soft skin, soft to touch. Effectiveness wise it is very good. Skin appears waxy during application but that is gone within seconds. Its smell is also very good. So I would give it nine out of ten.

3. Lotus sheamoist moisturizer- Lotus sheamoist moisturizer is also very good. It contains sheabutter and strawberry both are very good for skin.

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