Continuation Tips For Maintaining, Regular Moisturization Routine In Winter Season

This article is remainder for those, who have not yet started moisturizing their skin; or skipping it, on some days or doing it, only once a week. Some forget to moisturize their skin, on some days; but, some do not have habit of, moisturizing their skin daily; if they are not forgetting it. Then, how to make such a moisturization habit that one does not forget; or skip moisturizing skin, in winters out of laziness?
Continuation Tips for Maintaining, Regular Moisturization Routine in Winter Season
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How to make a continuation routine, of moisturizing skin daily in winters? Well, to make a continuation routine, of moisturizing skin daily in winters, I will give you today, some continuation tips; which will help in maintaining, continuation of daily skin moisturization routine.

Then, what are those continuation tips, which help you in maintaining habit of; moisturizing skin daily and avoid breakage of this habit? Well, those continuation tips are given below; which help in making daily skin moisturization routine-

1) Keep moisturization bottle, remainder in front of your eyes-

Yes, keep a moisturization bottle of your moisturizer, always in front of your

eyes; either on your bed, or on your dressing table. This is necessary because it acts as a remainder, which reminds you always; whenever you see that bottle; of fact that whether you have done moisturization of your skin or not.

  • When you see your moisturizer bottle, a question automatically comes to mind, "Have I moisturized my skin or not?" If you have moisturized your skin on that day; then your answer would be, "Yes, I have moisturized my skin."
  • But, if your answer is, "I have not moisturized my skin"; then that moisturizer bottle, will act as a skin moisturization remainder. It will motivate you to moisturize your skin daily, by reminding you every day about moisturization. On seeing moisturizer bottle, daily that skin moisturization question, automatically will come into mind and remind you to moisturize.
  • But, when you have not kept moisturizer bottle, on dressing table and have kept it, in drawer of dressing table; then you won't see it daily and hence, no moisturization remainder will come into your mind then; which can motivate you, to moisturize or remind you of
    habit, of daily skin moisturization. Then there happens continuation of habit of skipping skin moisturization daily; instead of continuation of habit of moisturizing skin daily.

So, when keeping moisturizer bottle, in front of your eyes; is helping you in maintaining, daily routine of skin moisturization; then why, are you keeping it in drawer? Keep it, in front of your eyes; by keeping it, either on your dressing table or on bed.

2) See your hand skin, daily in winters-

Yes, see your hand skin daily; this will act as second remainder, to moisturize your skin. One remainder, I have told you above; seeing hand skin, is 2nd moisturization remainder.

  • When you see skin of your hands daily in winters; then it will, automatically tell you; how much moisturization, your skin needs; on each day in winters.
  • And, as hand skin gets harshly dried in winter; so it will, automatically remind you; to moisturize your whole body skin daily and you can't hardly miss, to moisturize your skin daily.

So, use these 2 skin moisturization reminders; to maintain daily routine of moisturizing your skin in winters.

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