Do You Know, Which Type Of Footwear, You Should Wear, In Each Season Of Year?

As there is, season for every food, every clothing; similarly there is, season for every footwear; whether it is open or closed footwear or semi-open or semi-closed. So today's article is, all about it that you should wear, which footwear, in which season of year?
Do you know, Which Type of Footwear, you should Wear, in Each Season of Year?
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First, we will discuss, when you should wear open footwear? Then second, we will discuss, when you should wear semi-open or semi-closed footwear? And third, we will discuss, when you should wear closed footwear? And in last, there will be conclusion remark, which help you in remembering; what is right time, to which footwear. So first, let's discuss-

When you should wear open footwear?

This I have told many times, in my previous articles, on season related topic, in past on; but, if you did not read them; there is quick glimpse, of them here below-

  • Well, open footwear facilitates, cross ventilation
    of air; which prevents excessive perspiration and also prevents excessive collection of perspiration, in footwear due to evaporation; by cross ventilation in open footwear.
  • So you should, wear open footwear; when all these features, are required. And, all these features, are required in summer season. So you should, wear open footwear in, summer season.

When you should wear, semi-open or semi-closed footwear?

Semi-open or semi-closed footwear, favors cross ventilation of air; but in limited amount. So you can, wear these footwear in season, when this limited cross ventilation of air is required; when there is limited perspiration in foot and not excessive.

  • And this, limited perspiration occurs, when there occurs change in environment, from change of one season to another.
  • So you can, wear these semi-open and semi-close type of, footwear in season change days; when change of weather is occurring, from winter to summer and from monsoon to winter.

When you

should wear closed footwear?

Regarding them, also I have told in, my previous articles; but if you did not, got them read; then here is answer to, your query on closed footwear once more; but with more clarification and specification.

  • Like open footwear, facilities cross ventilation of air; closed footwear just do, opposite of that. And when, cross ventilation of air, is not required? It is not required, when there is, either no or less foot perspiration.
  • So you can, wear closed footwear; when foot perspiration occurs, either to nil or less amount. And when, this negligible amount of footwear, perspiration occurs?
  • Well, this negligible amount of, foot perspiration occurs, in winter season. So you can wear, closed footwear in winter season because features, which it provides, are required in winter season.



So inference of, the whole article or conclusion remark of, whole article is that wear right footwear, in right season. Wear open footwear, in summer; semi-open or semi-closed footwear, in monsoon and closed footwear, in winter season.

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