Health Benefits Of Apricot


Apricot is fruit which has outer part soft which is fruity part and inner part is seed. Apricot is a yellow to orange colored fruit. Apricot is very beneficial for health. It has lot of health benefits which are as follow-

1. Apricot contain good amount of antioxidants which is more in it quantity wise as compared to any other fruit. Antioxidants you all know are very good for our body. It increases our body immunity which helps in protecting us against various diseases.

2. Apricots contain good amount of iron, therefore are

very good for anemic patients who has iron deficiency in them.

3. Apricot contains good amount of minerals like copper and zinc. So eat them and you would never get deficient of these minerals.

4. Apricot also

contain good amount of beta-carotene, which is very good for eyes. Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A which is very good for eyes.

5. Apricot also contain good amount of fiber which helps in getting rid of constipation. It also improves digestion.

6. Apricot lowers blood cholesterol level and hence is very good for heart disease patients and diabetic patients. Apricot also contain good amount of vitamin B6 and vitamin B complex which are very good for body.

So this was about apricot health benefits, but do you know about - Orange Health Benefits?

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