Health Benefits Of Butter


Butter is a yummy and tasty substance obtained from the milk. It contains good amount of essential fatty acids needed by the body which helps in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins from the food which are not soluble in water.

Butter contains vitamin A needed for the eyes. Vitamin A helps in preventing night blindness and various other eye-diseases. Vitamin A helps in optimum functioning of eyes and hence provides you with good vision. So, butter suffices your need of vitamin A. It also contains vitamin E and vitamin K needed

by the body for its optimum functioning. Vitamin E is very good for skin and it is found in good amount in butter.

Butter contains good amount of fat so very good for those people who want to gain weight. But people who are obese and overweight should avoid it if they are not exercising because they are

already obese and consuming it without exercise makes them more obese. People with hypertension, heart diseases and atherosclerosis and high cholesterol level should avoid it as their blood cholesterol level is already increased.

Butter is very good natural moisturizer. It contains all the essential fatty acids needed for moisturizing your skin. It makes your skin silky and smooth. Along with moisturizing your skin it also supplies your skin with the vitamin E. So, it not only moisturizes your skin but also nourishes it. The protective barrier formed by it on your skin helps in protecting against harmful effects of microbes as it also has good anti-infective properties.

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