Health Benefits Of Cherry


Cherry are red colored round shaped fruit with inside part consisting of seed. Cherries are sweet to taste and used as topping in pastries and cakes.

Cherries contain essential phytochemicals which have antioxidants properties which prevents the harmful effects of free radicals. Cherries contain good amount of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin K. Cherries also contain good amount of potassium and iron needed for healthy functioning of body.

Cherries contain no sodium and cholesterol, therefore are very healthy option for diabetic patients and patients with high blood pressure. So, now

diabetic patients can enjoy the sweet taste of cherry without increasing their sodium and blood cholesterol level as they contain no cholesterol in them. Cherries also possess anti-inflammatory properties therefore helps in preventing

infections. Cherries contain good amount of potassium and magnesium. They are also very rich in folate and vitamin B3 and vitamin B6.

Cherries are very good for skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties cherries acts as a good scrub which deep cleanse the skin and also detoxify it. It removes all the harmful bacteria and dirt from the skin pores. Cherries are very good for healthy functioning of muscular system as they contain good amount of manganese which is very for good for muscles.

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