Health Benefits Of Dates Fruit

Dates are very sweet and delicious fruit and also are a store house of all the nutritive elements. It is very beneficial for the healthy functioning of digestive system. It has lot of health benefits.

Dates contains good amount of iron necessary for the healthy formation of hemoglobin of red blood cells which do the job of transferring oxygen form lungs to various tissues and organs of body. It contains good amount of vitamin E necessary for maintaining optimum skin health and also helps in optimum functioning of cardiovascular system.

It contains good amount of calories due to presence of carbohydrates which

on catabolism yield good amount of energy. It is very beneficial for the body as it contains disease fighting antioxidants in it good amount. These antioxidants help in preventing various disease infections, cancer, tumors and also detoxify the body of harmful chemicals and free radicals and also prevents disease causing pathological agents from entering inside the body.

Dates contains good amount of fiber, therefore, is very helpful in

preventing constipation. It also helps in preventing diabetes and also helps in lowering blood cholesterol due to the absence of cholesterol in dates and presence of diseases fighting antioxidants. It also helps in lowering the blood pressure owing to the presence of blood pressure regulating mineral potassium in it.

Dates are very good for eyes. It helps in preventing various infectious diseases of eyes. It is especially recommended to patients having cataract in their eyes. It also contains good amount of beta carotene and vitamin A, both of which are very good for eyes. Being containing all the nutritive elements at one place it is very beneficial fruit for improving and maintaining good health.

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