Health Benefits Of Green Vegetables


We all know of green vegetables but when it comes to eating them children usually avoid them as they does not know about their health benefits and do not find them delicious as other junk foods.

Green vegetables are very beneficial for your health. Green vegetables contain all the nutrients in them in good amount. They act as good part of roughage. They contain good amount of carbohydrate and starch. They also contain good amount of iron in them, therefore are very good for anemic patients.

Green vegetables are very good source of

iron. So, anemic patients should consume them in daily basis once a day. Bitter-gourd is very good for kidney stone patients. Juice of bitter gourd is very good for diabetic patients. It helps a lot in reducing blood glucose level of diabetic patients.

As the green

vegetables contain less amount of fat so boiled green vegetables helps a lot in decreasing the cholesterol level of body. Green peas which are yummy in taste are also very good source of iron. Ladyfinger is also very good source of all the essential nutrients needed for the body. So in short all the green vegetables are good, healthy and beneficial for body. So try to make them a part of your diet to have all the health benefits of green vegetables.

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