Health Benefits Of Oats


Oats are fiber rich food and famous for their health benefits world all over. Oats contains good amount of omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for heart health. Omega 3 fatty acids help in lowering LDL cholesterol level of blood.

Oats contain good amount of fiber, therefore helps in weight loss. So people who are obese should eat it on daily basis. Due to being fiber rich, oats also help in preventing constipation and are good and healthy option for people who are on low fat diet.

Oats being low glycemic

index food helps in preventing blood clot formation in arteries and therefore, proves to be very beneficial in preventing atherosclerosis of arteries and therefore, are very good and healthy food option for diabetic patients to include in their diet. Oats also help in healthy functioning of insulin.


also help in preventing gastro-intestinal diseases like peptic ulcer, tumors. It also helps in fighting various degenerative diseases like cancer. It also helps in preventing indigestion.

As oats is fiber rich food and contains no cholesterol, therefore are very good for diabetic patients. Oat scrub is very good for oily skin. It exfoliates the dead skin cells healthy way.

Oats contain good amount of proteins which is needed for formation of strong bones and teeth and various body tissues. Oats also contain good amount of calcium, iron and selenium and zinc needed for healthy functioning of body.

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