Health Routine Which Writers Should Follow

Writer’s work involves brain work; in fact, a lot of brain work. First, they have to do writing work; for which brain power is used. Then re-check their written piece, to correct any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes; which were done during writing. This checking procedure also involves brain work. Hands, with which, they write or type their master piece; get tired, like eyes got tired from writing work.

And, it is very important to maintain good health of all of them- brain, hands, eyes and whole body health. So, today I will tell health routine; which helps writers, in maintaining their good health. This health routine is given below-

1) Add some butter in food-

Yes, add just 1 tablespoon of butter in your food; as it helps in relaxing brain nerves, which got tired during writing work. Headache, brain exhaustment or eye pain is very commonly encountered among writers; when they exhaust themselves, to complete a writing target, with in limited period of time. And, sometimes they got tired

before completing target.                                                                                    

  • Butter will help in soothing and relaxing their nerves; which got tired during writing work and also gives extra energy to body, to finish writing work with in limited period of time.

2) Should consume almonds-

Almonds are recommended for writers. Writers have to do lot of thinking, to find new creative ideas to write; but sometimes, they forget to note down them, on paper and on recalling them in mind, does not remember them. So, to strengthen brain memory storage capacity and to avoid these memory loss glimpses, writers should eat almonds; on every alternate day in a week in winters.

3) Massage almond oil in head and on eye lids-

Yes, writers should use special oil to massage their head. And, that special oil is almond oil. It is recommended becuase it relaxes brain nerves, just like butter and also boosts thinking power of your brain.

  • As, eyes are also used too much during writing; so to relax nerves of eyes and to strengthen eye muscles, massage outer side of eyelids with almond oil.

4) Rose toner eye swabs or cucumber slice-

Rose toner cotton swab treatment, a writer should do for their eyes; on every 3rd day in a week. Just shower, cotton swabs with rose toner and place them on eyes for about 15 to 30 minutes. It will prevent burning in eyes, caused out of fine eye work of writing and reading and will also prevent dark circles around eyes.

  • Similar thing cucumber slice do for your eyes.

5) Manicure and pedicure to relax hand, leg and foot muscles-

Manicure is recommended to writers, once a month because writing involves a lot of hand work also; as you write with hands. Pedicure is recommended, because writing work is also a kind of sitting work; as, all the writing work, is

done by sitting.

  • So, to relax and rejuvenate tired muscles of hands, manicure is recommended to writers.
  • And, to improve blood circulation of foot and leg muscles, pedicure is recommended to writers.

6) Lemon juice in summers and milk in winters-

Lemon juice in summer, is recommended to writers; to give them instant boost of energy, by restoring fluid and electrolyte balance. And, milk is recommended to writers, during winters; to induce sleep, as they sometime face, loss of sleep phases.

  • So, milk is recommended for normal sleep pattern and also to give nutrition to body and brain. And, it also prevents headaches and sooths heat surge in vertex of head, which happens to writers.

7) 1 tablespoon of honey in summers and dates fruits in winters-

1 tablespoon honey is recommended in summers, to writers; to prevent and also to treat headache, caused out of fine eye work of writing and reading.

  • For similar purpose, dates fruits in winters, is recommended to writes and also it helps in treating indigestion, caused out of sitting work.

8) Should do both, morning walk as well evening walk-

As writing, is whole day sitting work; so writers should do brisk walking, both in morning and as well in evening; for at least half an hour.

  • It is needed to be done, to prevent raised cholesterol levels, raised glucose levels and to prevent obesity.

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