How Curiosity Can Be Aroused For That Thing, For Which A Person Have No Interest?

Curiosity is such a thing, on which; how much articles are written, are always less. It is that thirst, to quench which; curiosity hunts information at various places. And, until his or her quench thirst is not fulfilled, it just keeps on arising in mind.

But, what about those topics, for which one has no interest? How to arise curiosity for those things, in anybody's mind; for which, they do not have any interest? Well, it can be done with following brain tips, which are given below-

By saying that it has something mysterious, hidden in it-

Yes, sometimes you must have noticed it, among some persons that they start taking interest, in those things; in which earlier, they have no interest. And, when it is asked to them; why they or how they develop curiosity to know that thing, for which they earlier have no interest;

do you know, what is their answer?

  • Well, the answer found on cross checking is that their friends or their family members, say that it has something mysterious, hidden in it.
  • After listening that their curiosity, thought process automatically starts searching, what that something mysterious thing is, which is hidden in that thing.

By popularizing, that thing or theme, out of proportion-

Yes, this is second way, by which curiosity for that thing; for which, a person does not have any interest, can be aroused. And, this way is by over popularizing that thing; or theme, out of proportion.

  • When anything, get popularized out of proportion; for which, that person have on interest; he or she positively becomes curious, to know, what was in that thing that it get popularized; out of proportion.
  • And, to know just that reason, person automatically starts showing curiosity for that thing and start taking interest in that
    thing, for which earlier, they have no interest.

By telling half information, relating to that thing; for which person has no curiosity-

Yes, it is seen that when sometimes half information, is told to people regarding that thing; for which they have no interest or no curiosity, to know it; they suddenly, show curiosity towards it.

  • They show this curiosity because they want to know, rest of the half information, which you did not tell them; regarding that thing, for which they have no interest, or have no curiosity.

So, now you know, how to develop curiosity for that thing in humans, for which they have not curiosity or no interest at all; but do you know- How much Curiosity is Good for yourself and how much is Bad?

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