How To Delay Skin Ageing?

Skin care is not only mandatory for glowing skin maintenance; but also, necessary for delaying ageing and preventing premature ageing. What, if we tell you, those daily skin care steps, which give you triple results, in place of one; that is to say, both glowing skin, as well as delay ageing and also prevent premature ageing.

And, those delay skin ageing, skin care steps are-

1. Right sunscreen-

Yes, using sunscreen is very obligatory for delaying ageing. But, if you do not use right sunscreen; then, that is of no use. Therefore, it is as much compulsory to use right sunscreen; as much, it is compulsory in delaying ageing skin care steps. Use oil based sunscreen, for dry skin and oil free sunscreen, for combination and oily skin.

2. Right moisturizer-

As, using sunscreen and, that too, right sunscreen is compulsory; equally that much, is compulsory to use right moisturizer. Because, if you use wrong moisturizer, not full filling your

skin requirement; then, it will not delay skin ageing. So, use right moisturizer for your skin; oil and butter based, for dry skin and aqueous based, for sensitive skin and oily skin.

3. Right face cream-

Right face cream, is very mandatory in your delay skin ageing, skin care steps. And, it is better, if your face cream along with delaying ageing and moisturizing skin; also suits your face skin and contains sunscreen too. Because, if it contains sunscreen and moisturizing effect; then, you do not need to apply additional 2 layers of moisturizer and sunscreen. As, it  contains both of them; so you, just need to apply 1 single layer of face cream. Use oil based herbal face cream, for dry and aqueous based, for combination and non-oily skin.

4. Right diet-


diet, is equally compulsory step in delay skin ageing, skin care steps; as much compulsory are above steps. What is right diet? Right diet is balanced diet and it would be better, if you customize it; from a nutritionist, according to your daily human body needs. Whole human body needs, it needs to cover; because if, any human organ's nutritional needs are omitted; then, it will reflect on your skin.

5. Right lifestyle-

Which includes exercise schedule, music enjoyment schedule and entrainment schedule. All of these 3, are equally compulsory because; how much they rejuvenate your human mind, nothing can do. And, when human mind is rejuvenated; then, it delays ageing, by maintaining rejuvenated skin.

When mind is not rejuvenated; then, it is more stressed and stress's first immediate effect, is that it make your skin age early. So, maintain time for these 3 schedules in your everyday; as rejuvenated mind, leads to rejuvenated skin. Whereas, stressed skin, gives you prematurely aged skin.

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  • raheelzia  03-12-2014

    I am sure that it is just a healthy and natural diet which keeps the skin healthy and ;

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