How Much Curiosity Is Good And How Much Is Bad?

In last article, I chatted on singing health tips; with whom, how singers can maintain good health of their vocal cords. Today, I will convey, how much curiosity is good and how much is bad?

Yes, having a curiosity is not a bad thing, in itself; it becomes bad, when it crosses a certain limit and it is good, when you have it with in certain limit. I will tell, those limits below; with in which and crossing which, curiosity becomes good or bad.

How much curiosity is good?

Yes, how much curiosity is good; answer to which, everybody wants to know. Curiosity is good, when it is with in limit. But, what is that limit, with in which you should have curiosity? Well, that limit is that limit of curiosity, which does not cross over-curious limit.


what is over-curiosity limit? Before I tell you, what is over-curiosity; first know, what normal curiosity is? Normal curiosity is, internal desire to know something; which when you know, calms your mind.

  • When curiosity to know something is fulfilled; you come to know, what you want to know.
  • But, if you after knowing something fully, for which you were having curiosity; you still keep on over-scratching information, when nothing left to hunt, nothing left to know; then that is called over curiosity.

But, why over-curiosity is harmful? It is harmful because it does not, let you sleep; does not let your mind, to rest and make it more stressed and sometimes, lead to anxiety and depression.

How much curiosity is bad?

How much curiosity is bad that I had told, already above that; when it crosses certain limit; then it becomes bad. And, that limit is that, when it cross limit of normal curiosity and reaches limit of over-curiosity. And, what is called over

curiosity that I told you above. So avoid, over curiosity as much; as you can, to avoid its harms.

  • And, to avoid over-curiosity, told your mind that how much, you want to know out of your curiosity; you have known that much and there is nothing left, to know and instead of over scratching information, on that thing; whose full information you have already got, now it’s time to know, next thing in your curiosity list, for which you have curiosity.

Way to avoid over-curiosity-

Yes, to avoid over-curiosity, make a curiosity list. In that curiosity list, mention all those things; regarding whom, you want to know everything.

  • And, when you got to know everything, about a thing in your curiosity list; then tick mark that thing, in your curiosity list and move on, to next thing’s information search.

So, in this way, you can know all things, in your curiosity list; instead of becoming, over curious regarding just 1 thing, by over hunting information; when nothing left to hunt.

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