How You Can Prevent, Diseases Of Ear, Nose And Thorat, Easy Way?

More emphasis is non given on prophylactic measures in the prevention of E.N.T. Diseases. The following prophylactic aspects are to be considered- General Considerations- Health education about care of Ear, Nose & Throat, nutritional improvement, mother’s training about child health care, detection of deafness & development of speech.

More emphasis these days, is given on prophylactic measures, in prevention of diseases; same thing applies to diseases of ear, nose and throat; for which, following prophylactic aspects, are to be taken; if you want to prevent them-

General Prophylactic Steps-

  • Health education should be taken, from your E.N.T. specialist; about care of ear, nose & throat, when you go for treatment of, your diseases to hospital.
  • nutritional improvement is must, not only for prevention of, diseases of ear, nose and throat; but for most of diseases of human body because nutrition, strengthen our immune system; which acts as safeguard, against diseases.
  • mother’s training about
    child health care, detection of deafness & development of speech; should be taken, from your gynecologist, as well as from your E.N.T. doctor.

Local Prophylactic Steps-

1) Acoustic Trauma, should be prevented-

Preventive measures that you should take for it are-

  • Avoid, as much, as you can, exposure to high pitched noise.
  • Stop doing noise pollution to your ears with high volume buffer speakers, as much as you can and also stop exposing yourself to places, where there is too much noise pollution happening.
  • Use ear obturators, if your working in noisy factories. 
2) Barotrauma, should be prevented-

Preventive measures that you should take for it are-

  • Avoid flying with upper respiratory tract infection.
  • Avoid sleep during descent & encourage swallowing; while you are flying in airplanes.
  • Chewing of lozenges, chocolates etc., during ascent & descent in air flight helps. 
3) Chronic suppurative otitis media, should be stopped from developing, before it becomes chronic-

Preventive measures to stop it that you should take are-

  • Avoid entry of water into ears during rain or while bathing or swimming in dirty swimming pools during rainy season.
  • For it, your ear should be plugged with cotton wool, impregnated with Vaseline; when you are washing your hair.
  • You should keep proper maintenance of, your proper aural hygiene & avoid cleaning your ear discharge, with unclean or dirty cotton wool or linen.
  • Otogenic tetanus can be prevented

    by immunization in all cases of this disease.
  • As told to you above, Improvement of nutritional status is must & especially body resistance is must, in cases of undernourished children.
  • Take as much early as you can, treatment of cold & upper respiratory tract infection, nasal allergy, chronic rhino-sinusitis, enlarged adenoids & tonsilitis; from your E.N.T. doctor.
4) Otitis externa & injury to ear drum, should be prevented; with as much possible meausres, with whom, it can be-

Preventive measures for them, are-

  • Avoid scratching the ear with matchstick, pencils, dirty finger nails; which most people, usually have habit of
  • and avoid getting, your ear slapped, from anyone.
  • Proper hygiene to be maintained; for prevention of not only of these causes; but also for your over all good health of your ear, nose and throat. 

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