Instructions For You, On Topic- How Diseases Of Ear, Nose And Throat Are Prevented?

For the Part 1 of this article click here- How to Prevent E.N.T. Diseases (Part 1)? 1. Foreign bodies in ear- Commonly occur in children. These objects may be animate & inanimate objects. This causes intense irritation, earache & deafness if impacted. Infants & children should be warned against putting objects into their ear. The foreign body should be removed by trained E.N.T. surgeons to prevent trauma to tympanic membranes & middle ear.

First comes, how to prevent diseases, result out from foriegn body, get stucked in ear?

Foreign bodies get stucked in ear, it commonly occur in children. Under foreign bodies can come any type of objects. It may be animate & it can be inanimate object. When any of them get stucked in ear of childeren; this causes intense irritation, earache & deafness; if impacted.

  • Infants & children should be warned against; putting objects into their ear.
  • The foreign body should be removed, by trained E.N.T. surgeons; to prevent trauma, to
    tympanic membranes & middle ear.

Second comes, how to prevent disease symptoms, result of Ototoxicity?

For this, ototoxic drugs should be avoided; to prevent deafness & vertigo.

How detection and rehabilitation of deaf children done & How prevention of mutism can be done, from developing in ears?

For detection and rehabilitation of deaf children-

  • Early detection of deafness & speech rehabilitation in infants & children is must to be get checked routinely.
  • Follow up of at risk babies, for deafness & rehabilitation; is never to be avoided.
  • Parental education, early schooling, home training, etc are solutions to hearing impairment. Therefore, keep focus on prevention, early detection & management & rehabilitation.
  • Many cases of sensorineural hearing impairment can be prevented through; Immunizing children against childhood, diseases, including measles, meningitis, rubella & mumps, according to national recommendations.
  • Immunizing women of child bearing age, against rubella
    before pregnancy is must.
  • And, testing for & treating syphilis & certain other infections in pregnant women is must for prevention of diseases of ear, nose and throat.
  • Improving antenatal & perinatal care; during which try avoiding the use of ototoxic drugs that can cause damage to the inner ear; if incorrectly given during pregnancy, unless prescribed by a qualified health care worker & properly monitored for correct dosage.
  • Jaundice is such a disease, which can damage the hearing nerve in a newborn baby; therefore, referring jaundiced babies for diagnosis & possible treatment.
  • Try to avoid effects of loud noise, by reducing exposure to it on consistent basis, using personal hearing protection & engineering nosie control in very noisy areas.
  • Early detection of and intervention against hearing impairment in babies & young children is essential; to prevent problems in speech and language & helps very much in educational development of children. 

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