Now With These Easy, Osteoporosis Prevention Steps; Prevent Osteoporosis, From Damaging Your Bones

Here comes, a list of osteoporosis prevention steps; with help of whom, you can prevent osteoporosis-

  • Regular exercise, appears to retard, the development of osteoporosis; by holding the calcium and protein in the bone.
  • Yoga is, probably the most accessible form, of exercise; but regular walking or swimming for, up to half an hour; three times a week, will also be appropriate.
  • Dietary therapy, is controversial because simply taking calcium supplements, does not work nor does drinking extra milk. Some nutritionist believe, it is the combination of calcium and magnesium; which is important.
  • Avoiding excess phosphorus, is important and adding supplements of Vitamin C,
    folic acid and Vitamin B2 will help.
  • Maintain a healthy diet, with a plenty of fresh fruits, green vegetables and occasional seeds and nuts; avoid acidic drinks and drink only herbal tea, instead of herbal drinks.
  • Naturopath will recommend, a natural whole food diet; together with vitamin and minerals supplements. They will also encourage, a regular intake of leafy green vegetables; as well as nut

Tests, to measure level of bone damage, done by osteoporosis-

Recently, special bone densitometry tests, have become available; to measure more precisely, the level of bone loss; associated with osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis treatment-

for women, has included hormone replacement therapy; other treatments include, a combination of calcium retaining hormone; these treatments, are largely unproven and may lead to, undesirable side effects. 

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