6 Preventive Measures That Encourage Passage Of Kidney Stone Easily And Prevent Kidney Stones Easy Way

About ninety percent of stones of 4mm or less in size- 

usually will pass spontaneously; however nine percent of stones, larger than 6mm or a staghorn impacted stone; will require some form of intervention.  

Various measures that can be used, to encourage the passage, of a stone- 

These can include-

  • hydration,
  • medication- for treating infection and reducing pain and to encourage urine flow and prevent further stone formation.
  • Caution should be exercised- in eating certain foods; such as fruits, with high concentration of oxalate; which may precipate acute reanl failure, in patinets with, chronic renal disease.

Preventive stratgies include-

  1. Dietary modifications, reducing excreatory load on the kidneys.
  2. In
    most cases, a smaller stone that is not symptomatic
    - is often given, upto four weeks to move or pass, before consideration is given; to any surgical intervention, as it has been found that waiting longer tends to, leads to additional complications.
  3. Immediate treatment and even surgical intervention is required in- certain situations; such as
    in people with, only one working kidney, bilateral obstrucating stones and intraceable pain or in the presence of infected kidney; blocked by, a stone; which can cause sepsis, where the life of the patinet at risk.

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