How Treatment For Swine Flu, Is Done In Homoeopathy?

In the way the swine flu had been spread as epidemic, the name itself has created havoc psychologically and the public is interested to know whether there is any prevention in Homoeopathy? If so what is the medicines? The general health care management remaining same in every system of medical practice, medicinal preventive aspects are different in different systems.

In way, the swine flu had been spread as epidemic, the name itself; has created havoc psychologically and the public is interested to know, whether there is, any prevention measure for it, in Homoeopathy? If there is so, then what is the medicine?

  • The general health care management, remaining same in every system, of medical practice, but medicinal preventive aspects are different, in different systems.
  • Homoepathy being, completely a special system of practice; it does not treat a case, in name of a disease; but in its manifestations, through different symptoms.
  • The symptoms in every case, depend upon the circumstances; the patient’s lifestyle, its
    modalities; even if the bacteria or virus or common manifestations of the disease, remains the same.
  • Depending upon peculiarity of cases, the physician observes a common medicine, to be selected; which works, both as curative as well as preventive; which is popularly known as genus epidemicus.
  • This genus epidemicus may, vary from area to area in country; depending upon, above conditions. Therefore, a particular medicine, served as genus epidemicus in one area, in a particular period; may not be considered as specific, for same disease in nomenclature, for all times to come.

Therefore, one particular remedy, once successfully used for a swine flu; in a place, will

remain as specific for same disease, in nomenclature. For another area, it is not correct, from Homoeopathic point of view; unless otherwise, it is again selected as genus epidemicus, on the basis of existing situations; of circumstances, environmental conditions or weather conditions, habits of the people of area; associated with peculiar symptoms of, existing state of the epidemic.

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