Ideal Health Drinks To Drink, With Or After Consuming, Healthy Snacks

In last article I told you, which healthy snacks you should consume. Today I will tell you, which health drink, you should consume with which healthy snack; to remain in good health. Because if you drank unhealthy drink, with healthy snacks; then it can disturb natural healthy system of your body and it may cause certain disease, to develop inside body and shifts it, to unhealthy disease state. So now you got, why it is so important to drink right health drink, with right health snacks.
Ideal Health Drinks to drink, With or After Consuming, Healthy Snacks
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So today I will tell you, which health drink is considered ideal health drink; to consume with, which healthy snacks. This is important for you to know because as I said above, in teaser of this article that wrong combination can cause disease; just like consuming, wrong unhealthy snack. So, it is very important, to consume right combination. So, here comes-

Ideal health drink, to drink after snacking, on fruit salad-

Yes very often, there occurs sharp thirst quench, after eating certain fruit salads; but ideally you should not drink, anything for half an hour, after consuming your fruit salad; not even

ideal health drink.

  • Yes ideal health drink, which is recommended to consume with fruit salad; should be consumed after, this ideal gap of half an hour because if you consumed before that then it will, cause either throat problem or abdomen problem.
  • When half an hour has been passed, after consuming fruit salad; then you can consume your ideal health drink.
  • But which health drink, is considered ideal health drink to consume, after snacking on fruit salad? Ideally you can drink, simple tap water or any fruit juice or just, simply tea. But remember, drink any one of these 3 and not all of them, at one time and that too only, after half an hour gap.

Ideal health drinks, to drink after consuming, fried snacks-

Ideal health drinks, which you can drink after, consuming fried snacks; you can drink them, along with fried snacks too. Yes no half an hour gap is needed, in case of snacking on fried snacks; which is needed, while one is snacking on fruit salad. Yes, you can consume, any 1 of them

after and can also sip them, side by side; while snacking on fried snacks.

But which health drinks, you can consume with fried snacks? Well there are, following 5 options; you can consume any of these health drink; one at time and not all of them, at a time and they are-

  1. Tea
  2. Coffee
  3. Lemon tea
  4. Ginger tea
  5. Peppermint tea

Ideal health drinks, to drink after consuming, sweet snacks-

Ideal health drinks, to drink after sweet snacks, are same as for fried snacks and they can be consumed, along with or after snacking on sweet snacks; choice is yours. No, half an hour gap compulsion, applies to them; as applies in case of fruit salads.

Ideal health drinks, to drink after munching, sour snacks-

Well ideally, after sour snacks, nothing should be consumed, for half an hour. But, if you want to drink anything, after snacking on sour snacks; then you can consume, fresh homemade curd or lemon tea; only after half an hour passage, after snacking on sour snacks.

So this was about, ideal health drinks to consume, after snacking on healthy snacks. But, do you know- Right Way to Consume Brinjal health wise?

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