Why You Should Not Avoid, Importance Of Vitamin K?

Know, why you should not ignore, Vitamin K in your diet? Know, why you must include, foods rich in Vitamin K in your diet? We must include it, in our diet because it is very good for health. But question is, what it has in it; which make it very good for health? Well answer to that is described below, in rest of article.

Vitamin K occurs in, at least two major forms- Vitamin K1 & Vitamin K2.

  • Vitamin K1 is found mainly in- fresh green vegetables, particularly dark green ones & in some fruits. Cow’s milk is a richer source of, vitamin K than human milk.
  • Vitamin K2 is synthesized by- intestinal bacteria; which usually provide, an adequate supply in man. Long-term administration doses for more than a week, may temporarily suppress the normal intestinal flora & may cause a deficiency of, vitamin K.
  • Vitamin K is stored in the liver.

The role of Vitamin K is-

to stimulate production or release of, certain coagulation factors. In

vitamin K deficiency, the prothrombin content of blood, is markedly decreased & the blood clotting time, is considerably prolonged.The vitamin K requirement of man is, met by a combination

of dietary intake & microbial synthesis in the gut.

The daily requirement of it-

  • for man- appears to, be about 0.003 mg/kg for the adult.
  • Newborn infants- tend to be deficient in vitamin K, due to minimal stores of prothrombin at birth & lack of an established intestinal flora.
  • Soon after birth, all infants or those at increase risk- should receive a single intramuscular dose of, a vitamin K preparation; by way of prophylaxis.

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