Nervous System

The nerves control the brain and all the other organs. The nervous system regulates the life of the body and influences the secretory system and all the endocrine activities which, in their turn, act on the nervous system. It recevies sensation in various forms, it absorbs them and turns them into movement, thoughts, speech, etc. Everything which goes on in our body depends on the nervous system. Nothing takes place without it, every idea, action or illness originates from it. The nervous system takes charge of our whole life, our breathing, the circulation of our blood and both our

conscious and sub-conscious mental activity. It is the commander in chief or co-ordiantor of our whole existence and it function as whole indivisble whole.

Our nervous system is divided into two main sections which are constantly in close contact. The sympathetic nervous system controls the activity of our internal organs, glands, etc., it is outside our conscious control and operates independently of the will. The other section is the central nervous system which controls voluntary movements and the conscious sensitivity. Nerve in the sympathetic nervous system is extremely thin. Sometimes it is as thin as a hair, sometimes it is

so thin that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is grayish in color and is not surrounded with an insulating substance like a motor nerve. Violent emotions, agitation, worries, complexes, etc., stimulate the sympathetic system is mainly concerned with the balance and co-ordination of the reactions of our body.

All disturbances of the sympathetic system lead to inner upheavals. An immense range of disorders which are often very difficult to understand can then arise. When the sympathetic nervous system is upset, the patient often suffers from a general feeling of fatigue. The other nervous system may then become affected and may cause general debility, neurasthenia, loss of will power, various organic disorders and what is called nervous depression. It is important to take care of our sympathetic nervous system. A vicious circle may result from trouble in the sympathetic system.

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