Right Way Of Eating Chocolate, Which Does Not Harm Teeth Of Children

In last article I told you, how you can make your children to drink those bitter vegetable juices; which they hate to drink, by adding a pinch of a taste of black salt, in them. Today I will tell you, right way to consume chocolate, which does not harm teeth of children.
Right way of Eating Chocolate, which does not Harm Teeth of Children
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Yes chocolate is, such a tasty meal stuff; which not only children, but everybody loves to eat. But it should be, eaten right way to have its health benefits because if eaten wrong way; then it can give you harms of it, instead of its benefits. So, it should be eaten right way.

Given below are different right ways, guiding you on, how you can give chocolate to your kids, without harming their teeth health-

1) Give only 1 bar of chocolate to eat-

If possible, give rice wafer based chocolate or nut based because that stick less to teeth of children. Yes,

1st right way to eat it is that it should be consumed in less quantity because chocolate bars also contain lot of butter. And butter, if consumed in excess, can make children obese.

  • So give them, 1 bar of chocolate to eat.
  • But, if they want extra chocolate bars; then give them, rice wafer based chocolate bars, which contains less butter cream and also give mental satisfaction to mind of children that they have eaten, sufficient chocolate bars.

2) Make them drink tea or coffee after eating it-

Yes after children, have finished eating chocolate; after 2 hours of eating chocolate cake or chocolate bar, give them tea or coffee to drink. It will remove, the chocolate heaps sticking to their teeth and also help, in digesting butter cream in chocolate bars and chocolate cake.

3) Never give, chocolate to eat alone-

Either give groundnuts along with it or nut based chocolate. Yes, try to give children, groundnuts to eat with chocolate. Because it will give them, mind satisfaction that they have snacked enough and also reduce, chocolate from getting stick to their teeth and obviously, also supply them nut's health benefits also.

  • Either on intermittent basis or when groundnuts are not in season, give them nut based chocolate to eat; but remember, just 1 bar; but if you are giving them
    plain chocolate bar, with groundnuts
    ; then you can give them, 3 chocolate bars.

4) Never give them, white chocolate to eat in excess-

Because that is tooth destroyer. Yes, if possible never give children, white chocolate to eat because it contain less of chocolate to eat and less of milk; but a heap of butter. So, consuming white chocolate give them; no chocolate benefits because it has chocolate to nil amount and do not give any milk health benefits.

  • But contains, excess of butter beyond normal quantity; which when stick to tooth enamel, for long hours in a day, can harm your tooth. Butter in normal quantity is good for health; but in excess can destroy tooth health.

5) Make children brush their teeth, after eating chocolate & before going to sleep-

Yes make them, brush their teeth; before going to sleep because it will remove chocolate heaps, sticking to their teeth. These heaps are essential to be removed because if they are left sticking to teeth enamel and teeth themselves overnight; then they make perfect place for germs, to breed who cause tooth cavity and decay tooth.



So, inference is that give your children chocolate in above ways, above form and in above quantity to eat; to prolong their tooth health and prevent tooth cavities and prevent germ breed, in teeth and hence, prevent teeth enamel loss and scurvy.

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