Top 11 Difficulties, Which Cataract Sufferer Face In Day To Day Life

Cataract is such a miserable disease, to whom it occurs; only that person, that human knows, how much emotionally torturing disease, it is; along with physically distorting vision power of eye.
Top 11 Difficulties, which Cataract Sufferer Face in Day to Day Life
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But, how it emotionally tortures the sufferer? It emotionally tortures, as the person suffering from this disease; do not has his or her normal vision. That person, is facing difficulty in seeing things clearly and has to depend on others, for doing some fine eye work; for which sufferer, did not depend on others in past; when his or her vision was normal.

So, today I will tell you; what difficulties a cataract sufferer face, in his or her day to day life? That means, what are symptoms of cataract disease? The difficulties a cataract sufferer face in his or her

day to day life; or, in other words, what are symptoms of cataract disease; they are described below:-

1) Difficulty in seeing things-

This is the main and foremost difficulty, complained by cataract sufferers; in their day to day life. They complain of blurred vision; that means, things which they earlier see clearly; now they, are not able to see them clearly. Their vision, now not of high definition quality; it is of low quality.

The best example, which portray their vision problem best; is that, they see things as, which a person sees; when trying to look far object, through fog of winter.

2) Headache in initial stages of cataract, from doing even slight fine eye work-

Yes, in initial stages of cataract and before development of cataract; sufferer complaints of experiencing headache, whenever he or she try to do some fine work. Do you know, which works are included under fine eye work? Works, which are included under fine eye work category are; for example, putting thread in needle, doing embroidery work or sewing or needlework of clothes.

3) Pain in eyes in 2nd and 3rd stage of cataract, from doing slight fine eye work-

When cataract sufferer’s cataract has reached to 2nd and 3rd stage of cataract; then there starts pain in eyes, from doing even a slight fine eye work; for example- from reading, from stitching or from sewing clothes. Yes, it is the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage of cataract. When a cataract sufferer’s cataract is in initial 1st stage; then cataract sufferer, has headache attacks from doing fine eye work; whereas, when cataract has reached to 2nd and 3rd stage; then patient experiences eye pain attacks, in place of headache attacks.

4) Pain in eyes from draught of air-

When cataract has reached to 2nd and 3rd stage; then cataract sufferer has pain in eyes; whenever exposed to draught of air or when air storm is there. And, this eye pain continues for many days; if any medication is not given to relief the eye pain.

5) Eye strain, even from slight exposure to sunlight-

Yes, this is another one more very important symptom; or, you can say main difficulty, which cataract sufferer experiences before development of cataract and after development of cataract. This is the symptom, which cataract sufferer experiences in every stage of cataract; whenever he or she goes outside in sunny day; he or she definitely experiences, strong eyestrain in eyes.

6) Pain in eyes, from watching TV.
and from exposure to strong light of headlight of vehicles-

Cataract sufferer has to leave watching television; as whenever cataract sufferer watch television, it puts strong eyestrain on eyes. In initial stages, cataract sufferer experiences strong eye strain; but when his or her cataract has progressed to 2nd stage of cataract; then cataract sufferer have pain in eyes, from watching television and from exposure to strong light of headlight of vehicles.

7) Eye strain while trying to focus, to see any object clearly-

As said above, cataract sufferer experiences difficulty in seeing things clearly; but, if cataract sufferer attempt to, or try to focus on any object; so that he or she can see that object clearly; then it causes strong eyestrain.

8) Sand like sensation in eyes-

Sand like sensation in eyes, on few moments cataract sufferer complaints; from doing some fine eye work. This difficulty, is not experienced every time like eye pain; but experienced on periodical or occasional basis.

9) Sees different images, while opening eyes after waking up-

This is the most prominent difficulty or symptom, which cataract sufferer complaints. Whenever cataract sufferer has done some fine work in a day; then next day, he or she will see different images, while opening eyes; after waking up. Some see black files, some see brown files, some cow webs and some see a face or spider.

 10) Eye pain after doing, some heat related work-

Cataract sufferer, whenever do some heat related work; for example, frying food in kitchen or ironing the clothes; they have pain in eyes, sometimes after few hours of that work and sometime after a day of that work.

 11) Headache after getting drenched in rain and after washing hairs-

When cataract sufferer get drenched in rain; then next day or on same day, after lapse of some hours; he or she experiences a strong headache. But, when cataract has progressed to 2nd and 3rd stage; then headache, which cataract sufferer earlier experiences after getting drenched in rain; now that headache he or she have, even after washing hairs of scalp.

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