Top 6 Diseases, Which Are Caused By Obsessive Compulsive Habits

Well, you must have listened of obsessive compulsive disorder; in which suffering victim, suffers from certain obsessive emotions; which make them to do, certain tasks obsessively and ultimately, it turn into obsessive habit.
Top 6 Diseases, which are caused by Obsessive Compulsive Habits
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But, do you know that this obsessive habit can cost you certain diseases? Yes, there are certain diseases; which are caused out, as result of certain obsessive or compulsive habits. Do you know, which diseases they are? Well given below, are those top 6 diseases; which are caused out as result of obsessive compulsive habits-

1. Lichen simplex chronicus-

It is 1 such skin disease, which is caused out of 1 obsessive compulsive habit. Which habit it that, which causes this skin disease? Well, that obsessive compulsive habit, is strong desire to itch; till there becomes a scratch in skin and victim

not stop even then; when there occurs scratch in skin. Victim continues to scratch, even after skin getting scratched. Victim does this, because of this strong desire to itch; which remains even after, when skin gets dented and when there is no itch. And, because of this desire; itch-scratch itch cycle continues and eventually, there results this disease, Lichen simplex chronicus.

2. Dry skin of hands-

Repeated washing of skin of hands, is one such obsessive compulsive habits; which can cost you 1 more skin disease state. Which this skin disease state is, which is caused out of repeated washing of skin of hands? Well, it is dry skin diseased state of hands. Skin of hands, no more remains normal and it goes into diseased state of extremely dry skin.

3. Acne scars from over and over again squeezing pimples-

Do you know that college girls and boys who suffer from acne; also suffers from 1 obsessive emotional habit? Do you know, what that habit is? That obsessive emotional habit is that, they squeeze their pimples, over and over again. But, in no control of their habit of squeezing; they forget that, this obsessive habit will cost them acne scars

in future on that face area, where they squeeze the pimples.

4. Hair loss, because of Trichotillomania-

Trichotillomania is 1 such psychiatric disorder, in which victim suffers from obsessive emotional habit to pull out hairs; under stress, anxiety or under anger. Whose hairs victim pull in it; his or her own or somebody else's hair?

  • Well victim suffering from this emotional habit, pull out his or her own hairs; when they are emotionally upset.
  • It can be, any kind of hair, which they pull. Some pull their scalp hairs; some pull their eyelashes and some pull hairs of their eyebrows. But, in doing so, they forget that it is costing them hair loss.

5. Infectious diseases of Gastro-intestinal system-

Are caused because of obsessive compulsive habit of biting finger nails. Yes, some humans have habit of biting finger nails, over and over again; many times in a day, by their teeth; but in doing so, they forget that while biting nails with teeth; they are swallowing the infectious dirt underneath the nails surface as well on nail surface. This dirt contains many pathogens, which cause innumerable infectious diseases of gastro-intestinal system.

6. Lip lick dermatitis-

This disease initiates from obsessive compulsive habit of, frequently wetting the lip skin; with saliva of mouth with tongue. Victim suffering from this habit is not conscious of fact; that by doing this obsessive compulsive habit, they are initiating lip lick dermatitis disease on their lips.

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