Top Winter Traveling Precautions

In last article, I told you winter skin care tips. Today I will tell you winter tips; but not for skin, but for something else. Guess what, this something else is? Well, this something else is traveling. Yes, there is no such notion, that we do not travel in winters. We have to travel in winters because of work. And, today's article is on winter tips for traveling.

Winters has started with start of 2nd week of November 2014 in India and so should start, winter precautions during traveling. In fact, in whatever part of world you reside in world; whenever winters starts, you must follow winter precautions; to avoid falling ill.

But, which winter precautions, one need to follow in winter season; during traveling? Do not worry, today's article is all about these winter precautions; which you must follow while traveling. Given below are all those 3 winter precautions, on which, you must implement during traveling in winters-

1. Winter Traveling Precaution number one- Wear scarf and muffler-

This is

1st winter precaution, on which, you must implement while traveling in winters. Always wear a scarf and muffler, if you are traveling by bus, auto-rickshaw, or just simple rickshaw. It will save you from migraine, cold and eye pain.

  • But, if you are traveling by two wheel vehicle; then you must wear helmet, along with scarf and muffler. Helmet will not only save you, from head injury; but also protects your head, from cold breeze of winters and provides additional warmth to head; along with warmth of scarf or muffler you are wearing.

2. Winter Traveling Precaution number two- Wear right warm clothes, balancing with winter temperature-

Wear right warm clothes, balancing with winter temperature is 2nd winter precaution; which you must follow during traveling. If temperature is little bit cold; then wear appropriate wind cheater or less warm cardigan; to save yourself from lung illnesses, fever and body


  • But, if temperature is moderately cold; then wear moderately warm winter clothes.
  • But, if temperature is very much cold and there is fog too in air; then wear 2-3 layers of warm clothes. For example- one layer of base clothes, 2nd layer of cardigan or sweater and 3rd layer of jacket or warm overcoat.

3. Winter Traveling Precaution number three- Wear appropriate shoes balancing with winter temperature-

This is 3rd winter precaution, on which you must act; when traveling in winters. Wear closed shoes or bellies in less winter; but wear, warm socks with closed shoes or bellies, in moderate to too much foggy winter days.

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