Few Facts That You Must Know, About Symptoms And Causes, Of Malaria?

Malaria is a vector borne infectious disease caused by-

  • eukaryotic protist of the genus Plasmodium
  • Usually people get malaria by- being bitten by, infected female Anopheles mosquito. Only Anopheles mosquito can transmit malaria and they must have, been infected through previous blood meal; taken on an infected person, a small amount of blood is taken; which contians microscopic malaria parasites.
  • About one week later- when the mosquito takes, its next blood meal; these parasties mix with, the mosquito's saliva and are injected into, the person being bitten. The parasites multiply,
    with in red blood cells; causing symptoms.

There is cyclical occurance of-

  • sudden coldenss,
  • followed by- rigor and then,
  • fever and sweating 4 to 6 hours, occuring every two days in P. vivax and P. ovale infection; while every three for P. malariae. P. falciparum can have reccurent fever, every 36-48 hours or less pronounced and almost contoius fever, anaemia, as well as other general symptoms; such as fever, chills, nasuea, flu like illness
  • and in severe cases, coma and death.

The period between the bite of an infected mosquito and the onset of the illness-

is usually 7 to 21 days; but this period may be longer, if anti-malaria

drugs were taken.

When tests are done to determine, the possibilty of malaria infection; it is important to, keep in mind that

a negative test result, does not rule out; the possiblity of malaria.

  • Serology detects- antibodies against, malaria parasites.
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is, currently most accurate test and can identify, low levels of infection; not detectable by other methods.

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