What Is Connection, Between Rheumatic Fever And Rheumatic Heart Disease?

There are different types of fevers and different type of heart diseases. One such type of fever is rheumatic fever and one such type of disease is, rheumatic heart disease. Like, other fevers and heart diseases; both of them have, their own causes and shares a unique connection with each other. In today's article, I will throw a brief light; on both rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease and connection which they have with each other.

What is Rheumatic Fever and it’s Causes?

Rheumatic fever is a kind of fever, in which human body thermals; not remain in their normal range and alters from, its normal range. Unique type of case histories, which are confirmed on investigation of rheumatic fever cases of rheumatic fever suffering victims is that most of victims, were suffering from some infection. Which infection was that? I will be describe that in, causes of rheumatic fever mentioned below-

1. Occurred out of Group A Streptococcal pathogens-

Yes, it is that pathogen, getting infected by whom; humans become, victim of

rheumatic fever.

2. People residing in infective areas, suffer more-

People residing in infective areas, where above pathogens have spread their infection; chances of getting suffered from rheumatic fever, are maximum there.

3. Affects those, more who have chronic throat infection-

Humans who have untreated chronic throat infection; to treat which, they never took any medicine; causes sepsis in their human body, which ultimately result in rheumatic fever.

4. Children affected more-

It has been noticed again in again, in case reports that rheumatic fever victims, are mostly children of age group between 5 to 15 years.


What is Rheumatic Heart Disease and its causes?

Rheumatic heart disease, as the name suggests; is disease of human organ named, "Heart". In it, what happens to human organ named, "Heart"? In it, the aortic and mitral valves of human heart; which are very important vales of human heart, get damaged. But, by what causes, this results out? It results out, of following causes.

1. Rheumatic fever-

Yes, rheumatic fever is one of the main culprit; with whom, if victim suffered in childhood or which if left untreated; or if presently victim suffering from this fever; then, it can cost victim, this disease. Most often, this disease results from untreated rheumatic fever; so it

is better to cost rheumatic fever treatment, in your rheumatic fever treatment medical bills; than costing RHD in your life.

2. Untreated infection-

Yes, this disease can result out of untreated infection of human body. But, from which untreated infection, rheumatic heart disease results? Rheumatic heart disease, results from untreated Group A streptococcal pathogen infection, of throat.

3. Congenital-

But, sometime this disease is neither caused by rheumatic fever; nor by untreated Group A streptococcal infection. Some patient have got this heart disease, congenitally from birth.

4. Acquired disease-

But, sometimes rheumatic heart disease patient have not got this disease congenitally; but acquired it, in their life by developing causes inside their body; which predispose them, to this disease. Two such causes are, rheumatic factor in blood and obesity.


Link between rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease-

As, I mentioned in teaser of article that I would be talking about, link between rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease; in this article. The major link between rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease is that rheumatic heart disease is sure to occur from untreated inflammation of rheumatic fever.

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