What Is Right Way To Consume Brinjal, In Each Season Of Year?

Seasons show variation, so do our eating habits show variation; but with these variations, our cooking habits also do modify. But, you should follow or make a daily routine, of particular cooking habits; for a specific season, if you want to remain in healthy state, in all seasons. Yes, there are certain set of cooking methods; which are considered good health wise; if followed in a specific season. But, if they are followed in wrong season; then they, can cause disease tragedy.
What is Right Way to Consume Brinjal, in Each Season of Year?
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Today I will tell you, a set of cooking methods; of cooking brinjal, season wise. First of all, you should consume brinjal in its season and should not consume its non-seasonal harvest. But, if you can't resist to eat, its non-seasonal crop; then try to cook, at least according to each season and then, eat.                                                    

How to Consume Brinjal in summers?        

Well, how to consume brinjal in summer or in other words, which cooking method; you should follow, to cook brinjal before eating it. Well, summer is full of heat, everywhere and fat on catabolic combustion, inside human body during metabolic

process; release a lot of heat energy.

Tell me, can you yourself bear up that heat energy in summers; when you are already heating up with heat full environment of summers? No obviously, you do not want to be victim of bearing that much heat bursting inside body. But, if you do not want; then why are you putting, heat bursting fat inside your body; in excess, by consuming brinjal cooked, by frying cooking technique.

  • So, do not cook brinjal, by frying technique in summers. Only slightly saute your brinjals on slow flame, with 3 teaspoon oil; but do not, use deep frying technique; to cook brinjal.
  • Because if you did; then it will situate excess fat, inside your body and its effect will be, lot of heat burst inside your body and it end result in intensified perspiration rate, hyperthermia and indigestion or vomiting.

How to Consume Brinjal in monsoon season?

But when, monsoon season lands, so do new cooking method variations; to cook brinjal and you cannot consume it, by following 1 cooking technique; as you can, in summer season. Then, which cooking techniques, you need to follow in monsoon season of year; to cook brinjal? Well there are, 2 brinjal cooking approaches or techniques-

  1. Stir fry.
  2. Saute brinjals, with 3 teaspoon oil, as in summers.

But question is, why sticking to 1 brinjal cooking technique, is not allowed in monsoon season? This is because of, variations in atmospheric temperature, in monsoon season.

  • On humidity full days of monsoon season, atmospheric temperature is much higher than even summer days; so on those days, follow saute brinjal cooking technique with minimum oil.
  • On rainy days of monsoon, atmospheric temperature become little bit lowered. So on those days, you can use stir fry cooking technique to cook brinjal. So, consume brinjals in monsoon by cooking it right way; according to environment temperature.


How to Consume
Brinjal in winters?

Ingestion of brinjal in winters should be done, according to health norms; as done in other seasons of a year. In winters, also cook brinjal right way; and then, consume it. But, which brinjal cooking technique to practice in winter to cook brinjal?

  • First of all, you should not consume brinjal in winter season; as it is non-seasonal then. But, if you still want to; then cook it, by seasonal cooking ways and means. And, seasonal cooking technique, which you should use in winters, health wise; is frying technique.
  • Yes, it is frying technique for which you were waiting whole year; you can use it in winters, with medium amount of oil. It is allowed in winters because of cold atmosphere outside; due to which, body needs heat energy consistently, in winter season; which medium amount of oil, used in frying cooking technique; can provide you, on catabolic digestion of fried brinjal inside body.
  • So remember, just consume brinjal in winters with medium oil, norm in frying cooking technique and not with excess oil norm. Medium oil usage in frying cooking technique, to cook brinjal; will provide sufficient heat energy, which even out body temperature to normal position and stop it from getting lowered from coldness of winters.
  • On the other hand, excess oil usage during frying technique in winters; will destabilize your body cholesterol level and blood pressure. So, use medium oil to cook brinjal in frying technique in winters; which stabilize and not excess oil, which destabilize body biochemical and metabolic levels; as told above.

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