What You Should And Should Not, Drink After Sweet Foods?

Sweet foods are liked by many, so obviously, when so many people like them; they will definitely eat them. But sweet recipes, most of the time contains lot of fat, in form of lot of ghee or lot of butter or lot of oil used in them.
What you should and should not, Drink after Sweet Foods?
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So, when lot of fat is consumed through sweet recipes; then it becomes, very necessary to eat them right way; so that they get properly digested and there does not results, obesity from that fat consumption.

So, today's topic is, what you should and should not, drink after sweet food consumption? Yes, there is list of specific health drinks, any one of whom; you can drink after sweet food, for its digestion and metabolic disease prevention from excess sugar and fat consumption, which is there in sweet food.

But, there are also certain food drinks, which you should not drink, after sweet

food because drinking them, after sweet food can cause certain diseases. So, first know,

What you can drink, after sweet food?

Yes, as I said above, there are specific health drinks; which you should drink after, sweet food for its proper digestion and metabolic diseases prevention; which results from, excess consumption of sweet food.

So, what you should drink, after sweet food? The health drinks, which you can drink after, sweet foods are-

  1. Green tea.
  2. Peppermint tea.
  3. Normal tea.
  4. Coffee

What you cannot or should not drink, after sweet food?

So, above was given health drinks, which you can drink after different sweet foods; now comes, list of those bad drinks, which you should not drink, after sweet foods-

  1. Milk shake.
  2. Cold water.
  3. Heavy fruit shake.
  4. Citrus juices that is, juice of citrus fruits especially, lemon or orange.
  5. Alcohol.

But, why these drinks, one cannot drink after sweet food?

Well, reason for it is that drinking milk shake, alcohol, heavy fruit shake and citrus juices, after sweet foods; causes metabolic diseases and drinking

cold water, after sweet dishes causes respiratory diseases; by freezing fat in sweets foods, in throat and on vocal cords and also cause hoarse voice.


So, conclusion is that drink, right health drink after sweet foods and not wrong one because eating sweet food right way, also involve drinking right health drink, after them and not wrong one.

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