When One Should Use Knee Cap And When Not?

Do you know, when knee cap helps a human? You would ask, why I am saying this question here; I am saying this question here, because it can do both, heal as well injure. So, first of all break your myth that it only heals; because it can injure, if you used it at that time; when it can injure. Therefore, it is very important to know, when knee cap helps and when not?

Answer to above question of "it help or not" is hidden in answer to question, “When you should use knee cap and when you should not?” As, I said above, it can do worse damage than healing; when it is used, when it should not be. Therefore, today I will tell you, when you should use knee cap and when you should not; so that, you do not make a mistake of injuring yourself, by using it at wrong time.

So, first know-                                                                         

When you should use knee cap?

The cases, in which knee cap can be worn are, as follow-

1) Wear knee
cap in knee swelling caused from soft tissue injury; confirmed from CT Scan or MRI reports-

  • Knee cap can be used, when you received soft tissue injury of knee; in which extravasation of blood occurred in knee tissues and has caused a lot of knee swelling and laboratory reports has confirmed that swelling is due to soft tissue injury and not due to fracture. Yes, it is very important to confirm from CT scan that your major swelling on knee is, because of soft tissue injury and not due to fracture.
  • Do not ever make a mistake of relaying on X-ray reports- Because, sometime minor fractures; for example, hair line fractures do not come in X-ray reports; but found on CT scan reports. I suffered delay in treatment for 1 week of my scaphoid fracture in my student life; because of misdiagnosis made from X-ray report; as fracture did not come in X-ray report and only soft tissue injury of wrist came in X-ray. But, when after 1 week my mother asked for re-checkup; then emergency department of hospital, referred us to orthopedic department and there they done CT scan; instead of X-ray again.
  • In CT scan reports, do you know what came? In CT scan report, hair line scaphoid fracture came; which did not come in X-ray reports. So, it is very important to wear knee cap after soft tissue injury confirmation from CT scan report and not just because, there is swelling in knee.

2) Second kind of cases in which knee cap can be worn-

Second kind of cases in which knee cap can be worn are, post-surgical knee cases; for rehabilitation of knee, after surgery of knee; to support weak knee. But, only wear as per recommendation from


3) For arthritic weak knee-

Arthritic patients can wear them to support their weak knees; but only after confirmation from doctor. And, warmth which knee cap gives, that provide relief to their knee pain for time being.

4) Sport and sport like activities-

Sport athletes or dancers, who do lot of sport activities; can wear knee cap, to heal their soft tissue injuries; which they received in playground or on dance floor. Warmth, which knee cap gives; helps in healing their soft tissue injuries.

Now, come answer to next question

When you should not use knee cap?

You should not use knee cap, when there is no swelling or very slight swelling and there is present only knee pain. There, if you wore knee cap in this case; then, it will damage knee vessels. at elastic ends of knee cap and will also worsen knee pain. My brother has done this mistakes, as he had not consulted me that whether he should wore it, or not and worn on his own on chemist’s advice. So, avoid wearing knee cap on your own or on chemist’s advice to avoid blunder; the mistake, which my brother did, even after having me as doctor at home. Therefore, avoid wearing knee cap, when there is only knee pain; but no inflammation or swelling of knee.

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