Which Footwear To Wear In Each Month, Of Winter Season?

In prior article, I told you bathing health tips; before that I told you winter travelling tips. Today, I will explain you footwear health tips; that will guide you, which footwear to wear during winters.

Well, what kind of footwear, you should wear in each month of winter season; depends upon temperature of each winter month. Well, based on temperature of each month of winter season; I have subdivided them into 3 categories. And, so footwear health tips to follow in each month of winter; I have given them too, below under those 3 categories; according to 3 type of winter months, found in winters-

1) In starting months of winters-

Yes, this is 1st category, of winter months; under which, comes starting months of winters. What kind of footwear, you must wear during starting months of

winters? Well type of footwear, you can wear or you must wear; in starting months of winter are-

  • Closed bellies in case of women- Yes, women must shift to closed bellies wearing, in winters; instead of sandals. They will save their foot from coldness of winter.
  • Sports shoes- Both men and women, children and old humans, all need to shift to sports shoes wearing; to save them from hypothermia, caused out of draft of air. But, if any women does not like, to wear sports shoes; then they can wear closed bellies, with flat base or minimum 1 inch heel, in starting months of winters; to save their foot, from harsh winter.

These specific footwear are recommended because they are closed. But, what is use of closed footwear? Their basic use or purpose behind is, to save you from cold draft of air because sometimes, people have covered their whole body; but has worn open sandals, which exposes their feet maximum to cold air and lot of coldness of winters, transmit to their whole body through feet.

  • So, to avoid this transmit of coldness of winter, from foot to whole body; avoid wearing open sandals and wear those closed footwear, which I told you above.

2) In middle months of winters-

Yes, middle months of winters, comes under 2nd category of winter months. In these months, foggy days of winter starts. On some days, fog remain in environment, whole day and night and

on some days, fog remain in environment, for whole night and half day; but then, environment starts clearing from foggy day to sunny day, after 11 am.

  • But, whether whole day is foggy or half day is foggy; or both, whole day and whole night is foggy; one thing is sure, temperature of winter days of middle months of winters, is not same as that of starting months of winters.
  • Environment of these middle months of winter, is much colder than starting months of winters; so you cannot, wear closed footwear alone in these months.

But, why you can’t wear closed footwear alone, in middle months of winters? You can’t wear them alone because they can’t save you, from coldness of environment alone. You need to wear socks with them, as I told you above.

  • Yes, 1 additional thing of wearing socks, along with closed footwear; you need to do in middle months of winters; which you, do not need to wear in starting months of winters, in which you can wear, closed footwear without socks.

3) In ending months of winter-

Yes, ending months of winters, comes under 3rd category of months, of winters. And, temperature of these ending months of winters; is most of the time, similar to starting months of winters.

  • So, footwear tips recommended for, these ending months of winters are same; because footwear I told you above, for starting months of winters; you can wear them, in ending of winters too.
  • And, you can wear them, without socks in ending months of winter; as told for, starting months of winter.

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