Why Count Of Breast Cancer Women Victims Are Increasing Now?

Though this article, was aimed to be published in October; but is published now in November; but message given in article is not late. October is breast cancer awareness month. But, why it is given name of breast cancer awareness month?

It is called as breast cancer awareness month; because in this month, breast cancer awareness campaigns are organized every year. But, why so much awareness campaigns are required every year? They are required because number of women suffering from breast cancer are increasing. But, why this number is increasing? This number is increasing because of following reasons-

1. Women on HRT therapy-

This cause is that most famous cause of breast cancer. And, whenever women are given HRT therapy; they are advised that this therapy cannot be prolonged. But, in some this therapy is given for

long term; to relieve their post-menopausal symptoms, which were not resolving with short term HRT therapy. And, no doubt those symptoms get resolved with long term therapy; but at cost of breast cancer. That is, why it is advised to go for herbal treatment of Homoeopathy and Ayurveda; because long term HRT therapy of allopathy cause breast cancer.

2. Women who have not feed their babies in infant age-

This cause is no doubt regarded by medical scientists, as cause of breast cancer in women. According to them, those who do not feed their baby in infant age, become victim of breast cancer in later age. But, clinical evidences coming in cancer clinics suggest this theory halfly valid, not fully.

Because, there are one category of women, who have not feed their babies and now suffering from cancer; but there are also another category of women, who have not feed their babies; but not suffering from any type of breast cancer.

3. In menopause cancer risk increases-


hormones not only save women from wrinkles of old age, in hormonal age; but also save them, from breast cancer risk. After menopause, hormonal surge in women's human body stop, but risk of suffering from breast cancer starts.

4. Smoking and alcohol-

Harm of smoking and alcohol are not limited by any age shield. Whether a women is in menstrual age or in menopause age; if she heavily smokes and drinks alcohol too much; then she is sure to suffer from breast cancer.

5. Stress, depression and anxiety-

Excessive stress, too much depression and over anxiety; told so many times in so many articles, that they causes different lifestyle diseases and among list of those diseases, breast cancer also comes. 

6. Carcinoma genes from genetic inheritance-

Yes in some women, no other breast cancer cause is found; except that women got carcinoma genes, from genetic inheritance; which on cross checking, are found responsible for women breast cancer.

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