Why Time Distribution Of Every Task, Is Essential To Be Done?

Most of time, we are reminded again and again, by our mother, our teachers and sometimes, by elders sisters or bosses to have time distribution of different tasks. Most of the time, they advise this to us; when they see that we do have some work pending; so that our work get completed on time and do not remain pending; they give us this advice.
Why Time Distribution of Every Task, is Essential to be done?
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How many ways, time distribution of tasks, help us and what are benefits, of time distribution of different tasks? This we will discuss today. Well, how many ways, time distribution helps us or how many benefits it has, all of that is described below, step by step-                                                       

1) It help us because it does not, mess up different tasks-

Yes, when you are having set of tasks, to complete in hand and you have not done time distribution, for anyone of them; then first thing that comes in mind, before starting to complete those tasks is that everything is messed up and

there is confusion between, which task to do first and which in end.

  • But, if you have done time distribution of those tasks; then there will be no messing up of tasks, as every task then will, has its given time allocation, according to their completion deadlines.
  • And as nothing is messed up, when time distribution is done; so there is no confusion, which task to do first and which in last.

2) It help us by decreasing, time wastage-

As, nothing is messed up, when time distribution of different tasks has been done; therefore, no time get wasted in confusion, of which task to do first and which in last.

3) It help by decreasing, chances of any task, remaining untouched-

Yes, time distribution also decreases, chances of any task remaining untouched. Because as you have not to do, all the work at one time and as each task, has to be done with in certain time limit; which is allotted for completing that task, it itself acts a time alert, which make you complete that task at time, by reminding of that task.

  • But, when all tasks has to be completed collectively, at one time without anytime distribution; then there is no time deadline alert, for each task because of which, certain tasks slip out of mind and does not get completed on time, due to lack of their time reminder. They come in mind only then, when their submission is asked.

4) Create space for bonus time, which can be used in emergency-

Yes time disturbution creates, space for bonus time, means extra free time; in which no work has to be done. This bonus time you can use to rest.

  • But, if some important
    task comes suddenly, which needs to finished immediately
    ; but you have not allocated any time for it in your time distribution chart because you were not aware of it coming suddenly as emergency task, which needs to be done immediately; then in such emergency task cases, you can utilize this bonus time, to complete your work.
  • But this, you will be able to do; if you have created space, for bonus time, by doing time distribution of different tasks.

5) Time distribution make, you concentrate fully to one task, at one particular time-

With time distribution, instead of getting puzzled with lots of tasks at one time, you are concentrating fully on 1 work at 1 particular time, which decreases chances of error.

  • Whereas, when you do a bunch of tasks at 1 time; then time for concentrating on each task fully, is minimum and therefore, chances of human error are multiplied.
  • When you concentrate on 1 task at a time; then you have sufficient time to complete it; instead of time poverty in case of, when you have to do, lot of tasks at 1 time.
  • Therefore, with time distribution, chances of your different tasks, getting finished on time are maximum; instead of any task, remaining unfinished in case, of when no time distribution is done and you have to do everything at 1 time.

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