Why You Should Do Exercise In Winters?

It is human nature that as soon as some coldness start in weather; we show laziness in doing exercise. Similar habit, humans have in winters; of ignoring exercise in winter days. Laziness start automatically clouding mind, as soon as fog start deepening; in environment outside. But, not whole winter days are foggy; there are some sunny days also and you can do exercise, on morning of those sunny days.

Why it is so binding to do exercise in winters? It is because, if you do not do exercise in winters; then you can become victim of following diseases-

1) Seasonal effective disorder-

Seasonal effective disorder, I have described in my previous articles. It most commonly attack humans in winters. And, humans can be saved from becoming victim of it; just by doing exercise daily. If doing exercise in winters, is saving you from this disorder; then can’t you do this much, for yourself?

2) Hyper-cholesterol levels-

Hyper-cholesterol levels, are found to

be shooting up in winters. No doubt, it got increased, in other seasons too; if other causes from which it got raised, are present in your human body, in other seasons. But, in winters, this is sure to occur; if you do not do exercise in winters and keep on gulping fried and fatty, butter dishes. No doubt, these delicious dishes are hard to ignore in winters; as they provide warmth in winters, which is very much needed to beat cold of winter.

Then, why to ignore exercise, which gives so much warmth; by burning excess fat in your body and also keep a check on your cholesterol levels going towards hyper-cholesterol levels.

3) Hyper glucose levels-

Just like, hyper-cholesterol level illness, victimize humans in winters; if they do not do exercise in winters; similarly hyper-glucose levels can torture you, if you ignore exercise in winters. So, instead of bearing up torture, of hyper-glucose levels; it is better to keep them in check, by doing exercise

daily in winters.

4) Depression and increased anxiety-

Yes, it is found in some humans that they become victim of, both of them in winters. But, exercise is proven to wash out both of these mind illness; then why not do avoid exercise in winters, for what purpose? Instead, do it, to save oneself; from both, depression as well as anxiety.

5) Improper blood circulation, heart attack and stroke-

All these 3, have been noticed more in humans, during winters; as exercise, which keeps check on all these 3, is very much ignored in winters and fatty things are consumed very much. So, just remember, on day you consume fatty meal; do not forget to do exercise, on that day; if you do not want to be victim of, any of these 3 illnesses.

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