Why You Should Not Over Scratch A Problem Emotionally?

In last article, I told you how to develop curiosity in a person's mind; for which, they have no curiosity. Today, I will tell you, why you should not over scratch a problem emotionally?

"Over scratching emotionally", what does it mean? Over-scratching emotionally means, try to solve a problem emotionally so hard; until you get exhaust emotionally. No doubt, you should try to solve a problem emotionally; but should take intermittent breaks, from emotional problem solving process. And, should not keep on solving a problem continuously, emotionally. Yes, this keep on solving continuously emotionally, is over scratching.

So, here comes reasons, why you should avoid over-scratching a problem emotionally-

1. Sometimes the problem is not so big-

The 1st reason for not over-scratching a problem is that sometimes, the problem is not so big and can be

solved easily. But, we with our repeated over-scratching, it emotionally in mind; sometimes make a problem, so big; which was neither so big, in real nor emotionally.

2. Invites rumination-

Yes, over scratching a problem emotionally, invites rumination in mind; whose harms I have told in my previous article on rumination. And, also I had told in that article, what rumination is? Link to that article I have given below in bottom of this article.

3. Develops negative thinking and low confidence in mind-

Yes, this is another harm of over-scratching a problem emotionally. Sometimes, over-scratching a problem emotionally, no doubt leaves no room for mistakes; but sometimes, it also invites happening of so much mistakes, which instead of solving that problem; created much bigger problems.

  • And, these bigger problems resulting out of those mistakes, which happen during, while figuring out a problem emotionally;

    develops negative thinking in mind and also low confidence in mind; to solve any problem ever again in mind because of fact that when you tried last time, it resulted in much bigger problems than main problem itself.

4. Make you, victim of anxiety and builds, emotional stress-

Yes, over-scratching a problem emotionally, can make you victim of depression and anxiety; if any bigger mistake happen during emotional over-scratching process. These mistakes, ultimately develops anxiety in mind; of coming of, those types of problems again.

  • Anxiety, you all know, when continuously keeps, on cluttering in mind; then it ultimately, builds up emotional stress in mind.
  • So, try to figure out a problem, try to solve a problem; but do not over try; that is, do not over scratch a problem emotionally.

Do you know- How much Curiosity is Good and How much is Bad?

Do you Know, what Rumination actually is and what are its harms?

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  • Bhargavi  25-11-2014


    Yeah i agree strongly to the point that overscratching causes unnecessary anxiety. Well said.

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