Winter Hair Care Schedule

Winter comes, so does comes the winter hair tips. As winter, have started now in India; so you can shut, monsoon hair care schedule and can start your winter hair care schedule. So, in today’s article I will give you, winter hair care schedule; to which you need to switch, in winter days.

So, here comes winter hair care schedule, which consists of; following winter hair care tips, which are given below: -

Trim your hairs often–

Yes, trim your scalp hairs often in winters; at gap of 1 and ½ month. But, why to do it? Well, it is required to be done because split ends; which happen from dry frost of winter or regular wear and tear of hairs; stop further hair growth and they are essential to be cut during trimming sessions of hairs. Trimming of hairs is required to require to remove split hair ends; to remove hair growth blockage caused

by them.

Do not blow dry or iron your hairs–

Yes, do not just think of doing that because first of all, they dry and weaken your hairs. And, secondly, if you are doing them in normal days and as well as on festive days; tell me, when you are giving time to your hairs to repair?

  • You are giving no single day for repair. As I told in previous days, in my previous articles that keep certain beauty treatments, for festive season; for that reason, keep this blow dry or iron hair beauty treatment, for festive season, which you get done for shiny and straight hairs.
  • Now in winter season, make your hair stronger by nourishing them and keep blow dry and iron hair sessions, for festive days and do not, do them on normal days.

Loosely knot your hairs, while traveling in open carriage vehicle–

Yes, loosely knot your hairs and put scarf on your scalp; if you are traveling in open carriage vehicle, where cold air draft will blow your hairs repeatedly and will cause wear and tear of them.

  • So, to avoid wear and tear of your hairs, just loosely knot your hairs or make a bun and then put scarf on your hairs; when you are traveling by open carriage vehicle.

Moisturize hairs at least twice a week–

Yes, do this hair tip of moisturize your hairs; at least twice a week. And do this, by massage of scalp and scalp hairs; with either coconut oil or olive oil.

  • You can use combination of both oils to do oil massage.
  • Both of them, will deep moisturize and also prevents itching and dryness of your scalp and dryness and brittleness of your scalp hairs; which often

    happen in winter days, if you do not do moisturization of your hairs in winters.

Increase hair deep conditioning time–

Yes increase hair deep conditioning time; then whether, you do this hair conditioning before washing hairs, with hair shampoo or after shampooing the hairs. How much time you need to increase?

  • You need to increase deep conditioning time, before shampoo; by 1 overnight. Just oil massage, scalp hairs and scalp in evening and leave the hairs with oil 1 overnight.
  • After 1 overnight, deep get conditioning; you can wash your hairs with shampoo, next morning. Similarly increase, deep conditioning time of conditioning hairs with hair conditioner, after shampoo; by 3 minutes.
  • After 3 minutes, rinse your hairs with less quantity of moderately warm water.

Use hair shampoo and hair conditioners, with extra moisturizing effect–

As, winter’s immediate effect on hairs is causing; lack of moisture in hairs. So, do moisturization of your scalp hairs, as I told above in 4th point of article and also use that hair shampoo and hair conditioner, which delivers extra moisturizing effect.

Do not, knot hairs or tie with rubber band, when wet–

Yes, do not make this hair mistake because knotting hairs or tying hairs with rubber band, when they are wet; break them from hair root bulb.

  • Only loosely knot your hairs or loosely tie them, with rubber band; when they are dry, but not when wet.

Eat right healthy diet–

No doubt, everybody loves to eat fatty and fried food in winters; but do not forget to eat curd, in morning; to have strong, long and shine-full hairs, this winter season.

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