How To Treat Tumor Of Breast With Homoeopathy?

Tumor is an abnormal new growth of tissues, which is functionless and is harmful to the body.

1. Conium Maculatum- Mammary glands are ulcerated and inflamed. Inflammation of the breast may lead to abscess where the breast is surrounded by lumps and nodules.

Induration of the breast with enlargement of mammary gland under the skin. Malignant affections of glands. Adenocarcinoma begins in the ducts and it ends in the parenchyma.

Inflammation of the breast tissues. Tenderness of breast with burning and stinging pains with occasion discharge of pus from the nipples. Fibrosis of breast. Patient weaker mentally as well as physically. Breasts

are sore, hard and painful before and during the menstruation.

2. Baryta carb- Glandular swelling of mamme. Induration with a great growth of fibroadenoma. Inflammation of breast turn into an increased infiltration. Hardness of breast, lymphatics become enlarged and infiltrated.

Marked dwarfishness of mind and body. Skin over tumor of breast is ulcerated and is very much sensitive to touch. Tumor is movable at early stage but later on becomes hard. Delayed menses with scanty menstrual flow. Very timid patient, weak memory and very much afraid of

strangers. Childish behavior.

3. Phytolacca- Inflammation of the glands of mammae usually occurs during the nursing period. Hard breast, formation of lump with very severe pain, heat, swelling.

Glandular tumors of breasts with tendency to malignancy. Irritable mammary tumors, fatty tumors as well as hard nodosites in breasts and breasts become purple in color especially in the stage of malignancy.

4. Calcarea Fluorica- Stony hardness of breast. Knots or lump in the breast with tendency towards malignancy. Multiple fibroadenoma with sharply defined edges especially upper eight quadrants of breast. Lump is hard, movable with cutting pain in breast. Ulceration, inflammation, induraiton and granulation continue and then this tumor turns towards malignancy.

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