Right Way To Consume Groundnut

Groundnut is such a nut, which is liked by so many and is often called as less pricey almonds, in common language. Yes, they are called so, because they have all the health benefits, which pricy almonds deliverers you. That’s why they are called smaller replica of almonds.

But, how to consume groundnut health wise? That is to say, what is right way to consume groundnuts? Well, the different right ways, to consume groundnut, are given below:-

Consume groundnut with jaggery –

Yes, consume ground nut with jaggery; instead of eating them alone. Why you should eat groundnut with jaggery? The reason for that I have told in my previous article titled, “Health benefits of jaggery”. But, if you did not read that article or forget reason, told in that article; then do not worry, let me mention that reason here again.

  • That reason is that most often a sharp thirst,
    is felt after eating groundnuts and that sharp thirst jaggery can prevent; when you eat it with groundnut.
  • But, if do you not eat jaggery with groundnuts; then this thirst starts, immediately after eating groundnuts; which will cause dry cough or phlegm in throat in throat, if you drank the water immediately.

Consume tea after or along with groundnuts –

 But, if you are not having jaggery at moment in home, while you are eating groundnuts; or you forget to bring jaggery, while bringing groundnuts home for eating; then you can, consume groundnuts with tea.

  • It is as much effective, as jaggery in preventing sharp thirst; caused out immediately, after ground consumption and also help in, digesting ground-nut eaten.
  • And, tea is such an option, which is present in home; in every day of year, especially in India.

Eat properly roasted groundnuts –

Yes, take care, while purchasing groundnuts that you are buying properly roasted groundnuts; because eating improperly roasted groundnuts, or non-roasted groundnuts; will cause sharp ache in stomach or liver or in abdomen. So, to avoid sharp ache in stomach, to

avoid liver ache or pain in abdomen; consume properly roasted groundnuts.

Can eat chocolate with groundnuts –

Yes, another right way to eat groundnuts, is to consume them; with small chocolate bar. Yes , you can munch small chocolate bars, with  groundnuts; but just take care of following two things, while eating chocolate with groundnuts and those are :-

  • Eat only 1-2 small bars, of chocolate with groundnuts.
  • And second, those 1-2 chocolate bars, which you eat with groundnuts; should not be, too cold. They should be at room temperature because, if they are too cold; then they will cause mild umbilical pain.

Do not drink water immediately, after eating groundnuts –

Yes, as I said above in 1st point of article that eating groundnuts alone, will cause sharp thirst quench immediately, after eating them. And, as I told above in 1st point that if you drank water immediately, after consuming them, out of that sharp thirst; then it will cause dry cough; therefore avoid, drinking water immediately, after munching groundnuts. Instead, use any 1 option, out of options; I told you above, whichever of them, you have at home.

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