5 Health Benefits Of Gulkand

Gulcand is word, which you must have listened since your childhood, if you are Indian; but if you are not an Indian, then that is, nothing to worry. Gulcand is made from rose petals, which are kept in closed vessel, with little amount of sugar; in sunlight sugar melt with sunlight and juices of rose petals, also mix with melted sugar and marinate the rose petals. This is, what Gulcand is; you can eat it as such or mix it in your milk based, sweet recipes.
5 Health Benefits of Gulkand
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So that is, what Gulkand is and how it is, made and where it, can be used in cooking. But its arena, is not limited to it. It has so many health benefits, which is topic of today's article. So, what health benefits Gulkand has? Well, health benefits which Gulkand has, are given below-

1) Natural cough reliever because of its healing touch-

1 spoon of Gulkand can relieve, your diseased throat from cough. Phlegm which keeps collecting in throat in monsoon, by getting infected or by getting drenching in rain, starts inflammatory reaction in body; which affect respiratory system too and

cause phlegm collection. 1 teaspoon of Gulkand, can relieve phlegm in throat. Singers can use it, when they get affected with infection; as it is natural infection killer.

2) Natural voice quality enhancer-

Yes, as I said above, Gulkand is such a natural infection killer, which singers can use; to solve throat infection in  their throat. But, Gulkand can also be used, when throat is not giving good voice quality; which singers, teachers and anchors need utmost because of their profession, which demand clear and loud voice quality.

  • So, if you are having any job assignment ahead, in any of the above mentioned profession; then start taking, 1 teaspoon of Gulkand 1 week ahead; to clear the bad voice quality because juices in Gulkand clears, the hoarseness of voice and phlegm from throat, through its healing touch.

3) Natural sleep inducer-

When given in combination with milk. If you are facing disturbed sleep cycle, from last 3 weeks or having no sleep cycles, from last 3 weeks or you woke from sleep, from pin drop noise and want

some solution of your these sleep problems, to have natural refreshing sleep; then mix a tiny piece of Gulkand, in one glass of hot milk and then drink this milk combination. The natural quality sleep it induce; you have not felt ever in your life, such a natural sleep inducer it is.

4) Natural mineral supply, with sunlight health benefits as complementary-

Yes, as I said above, it is kept in sunlight during its manufacturing process; so during manufacturing process, health benefits of sunlight also comes in it; along with natural mineral supply from rose petals and healing properties of rose petals.

5) Natural stress reliever and natural head heat burst cooler-

Stress is such a lifestyle disease, which can happen any time; from any cause and head heat burst happens, in extreme warm weather or too much reading or writing or eye or mind work. Gulkand is one solution of these 2 problems; but as Gulkand is natural healer, so it solve your stress problem; but as it is natural cooler too, so it solve head heat burst problem too and headache, eye ache too.

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