How To Treat Dysmenorrhoea With Homoeopathy?

1. Aconite- Congestive dysmenorrhoea. Sudden, violent attack of symptoms. Labour like pressing type of pain in the uterus. Sudden onset of abdominal pain. Vomiting with great restlessness. During menses there is acute fever with great thirst and bitter taste in mouth.

Severe headache, backache and with sudden fright or fear of death, the menstrual flow ceases. Aggravation at night, from warmth, lying on affected side. Amelioration from open air.

2. Belladona- Congestive dysmenorrhoea. Profuse menstrual bleeding, bright red in color and then uterus becomes sore. Abdomen during menses is swollen which is tense like a drum.

Sudden appearance of congestive dysmenorrhoea with

flushed face, throbbing headache. Menses increased, bright red, too early and too profuse with cutting pain through pelvis in horizontal direction, the pains are paroxysmal and the discharge is offensive.

During dysmenorrhoea, there is painful bearing down sensation in the pelvis. Aggravation from touch, motion, night, lying down. Amelioration from rest, warm application, standing, on sitting erect.

3. Caulophyllum- Menses short, irregular, passive flow. Chorea, hysteria or epilepsy at the puberty. Patient is very much fearful, restless and very much excitable. Stiffness of small joints of fingers, toes, ankles, etc. Cutting and throbbing pains on

flexing the fingers.

Pain in various portions of the hypogastric region. Dysmenorrhoea is followed by acrid and exhausting leucorrhoea especially in hysterical women. Aggravations from exertion, while walking, open air. Amelioration from rest, warm application, lying down.

4. Colocynth- Round small cystic tumors in the ovaries and broad ligaments. Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea. Agonizing pain in abdomen which is of shooting type, like lightening shocks, down the whole limb, left hip, left thigh, left knee and into the popliteal fossa.

During dysmenorrhoea, the female becomes extremely irritable, impatient and becomes very much angry. Bearing down cramps. Burning pain in ovarian region relived by hard pressure. Menses are always suppressed by chagrin and colicky pains.

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