When Fear Becomes Harmful And When It Becomes Helpful?

Fear is such thing, which when haunt anybody; then that human being wants to run from it. But, another truth is that how much you run from it that much, it keep haunting you. It is difficult to escape, when you keep running, from facing it. The way, to escape from you fear; is to demolish it, by facing it and fighting it, to beat it.
When Fear becomes Harmful and When it becomes Helpful?
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But, fear is not harmful every time; sometimes, it is also helpful too. So today I will discuss, when fear is helpful and when fear is harmful.

When Fear becomes Harmful?

Yes, sometimes there are some instances in life; when fear becomes harmful, then it becomes very important to solve it. But, what are those life instances or circumstances, when it becomes harmful? Well, those circumstances or life instances, when fear becomes harmful are-

  1. When fear keep irritating or haunting you every time and you cannot think of anything, except thing you fear most; at that time, nothing is more harmful than your
    fear. It is most harmful then; as it is deteriorating your thinking capacity.
  2. When fear make you commit a crime or make you to hide your evil criminal intentions; at that time fear, is most harmful for not only yourself, as it is making you a criminal; but also harmful for those, on whom you are committing your crime.
  3. But, when fear of time, getting finished fastly; make you quit, your job because you think, you can't complete it on time; then it is most harmful thing, as it is making your thinking negative; instead of motivating you, to increase your work speed.

When Fear becomes Helpful?

But, as I said above, fear is not harmful every time; sometimes it is helpful too. Yes, sometime it is very helpful in some life circumstances. But, what are those life circumstances or situations, in which fear is useful and help you? Well, those life circumstances or situations, in which fear become helpful are-

  1. When fear is not excessively haunting you, instead it is motivating you, to do your work on time; then it is very helpful. Because when fear of time getting finished, starts motivating you, inspiring you; then it increases your work speed. At that
    time, fear is most beneficial thing; as it is, increasing your work output per hour of per day.
  2. When fear of getting punished by law, make you to follow law and avoid committing a crime; then it is, most helpful thing; as it is making you, a Nobel person and not a criminal.
  3. When fear of getting embarrassed, for not doing work properly, inspires you to do your work properly, for getting praised; then it improves, your work quality and hence work efficiency.



Hence, conclusion is that fear is harmful; only when it is excessively torturing you and make you quit, do crime and turn your thinking negative; then is most harmful thing. But, when fear inspires you, to improve your work speed, improve your work quality and avoid committing a crime; then it is very helpful thing.

So, only thing is that how your react to it; if it makes, your thinking negative; then it is most harmful, but, if it inspire or motivate you, to think positive and creative; then it is most helpful thing.

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